5 Movies I’m Excited To Watch This Month

I'm not exactly a huge movie buff...

…so I curate my choices carefully. I watch more streaming shows than full length movies, but there are a few this month that I’m really excited about! 

Here are a few movies coming out in May 2023 that I’m really excited about. Are you going to see any of these? 

1. Little Mermaid (May 26)

Eeks! I’m so excited for this one! Disney’s newest live action film remake. The original Little Mermaid came out in 1989, and it’s also so interesting to see how Disney updates the stories. 

It’s going to be in theaters (and I will 100% go to Alamo to watch this one on the big screen) but I believe it’s also supposed to be on Disney+ pretty soon for subscribers.

2. Air (April 2023)

This one is already in theaters, but I’m dying to see it! Nate watched it, and a two of my sisters told me about it…and it just sounds so interesting. It’s the story of Air Jordan back when Michael Jordan was a rookie basketball player.  

3. A Tourist's Guide To Love (April 2023)

Ok, listen: did this new Netflix release get really bad reviews? 


And does it look painfully cheesy? 

Also yes. 

Will I be watching it? 


As soon as I have an evening alone when Nate’s off at an Austin FC game or something, I will 100% be opening a bottle of wine and watching this rom-com on Netflix. Cue the cheesy plot lines about a travel agent going undercover and finding love in unexpected places. I love it all.

4. Book Club: The Next Chapter (May 12)

Book club goes to Italy!! I guess I’m just into fluff and nonsense right now, y’all. I’m going to be unapologetic about it. There’s enough heavy stuff in real life, so if I want my movies to be lighthearted and fun and staring Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton, let’s just roll with it. 

I looooved Book Club back when it came out in 2018, so I’m excited for the sequel this month. 

5. Guardians of the galaxy Vol 3 (May 5 2023)

I mean…it’s just fun. I love a good superhero movie summer blockbuster. It’s coming to theaters tomorrow! (May 5) and then I think it’s supposed to be on Disney+ a few months later. 

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