Friday Five {12/8/23}

Good morning, all! Hope you’re having a lovely Friday. I am so very in the Christmas mood this weekend and doing all the holiday things! Starting with playing the Nutcracker with Ballet Austin tonight at the Long Center, and then this weekend I’m heading up to Dallas to check off one of my holiday bucket list items that I have always wanted to do. I’m so excited. I’ll share it on my instagram stories. 🙂 

For today, here are five little things that are bringing me joy.


First things first….

Erin Condren Review

Did you see that Erin Condren is doing a different Daily Deal right now! From December 5-14, they’re doing a special discount on one item every day. 

Today, December 8, you can get 30% off all of the softbound LifePlanners!! This deal is SO GOOD! 

Erin Condren Review

These softbound LifePlanners are gorgeous. I used one a few years ago and they’re sleek and slim and pretty. They lay flat, have proven quality layouts, and help you stay focused and on track. 

Of course, I’ve shared plenty about how I just love the ways these planners make me feel. (Go check out the “planner” highlights in my instagram stories to see more about that!)

Erin Condren Review

And they’re doing a different surprise Daily Deal every day until December 14, so make sure you keep checking back on the Erin Condren website to see what’s on sale that day! 


Are we all aware how many new restaurants are opening up in Austin right now? 

Holy delicious!! There are so many good ones! I always keep this post on The Austin Things up to date with a bunch of new places to check out. It’s updated monthly, so keep it in your bookmarks. Here are a few that I’m especially fond of right now: 

Uchiba, from the Hai Hospitality team (Uchi, Uchiko, Loro) recently opened in downtown Austin. It’s an izakaya-style Japanese restaurant, so it has more grilled skewers and Japanese whisky drinks than the other Uchi restaurants. It’s a FABULOUS new spot to try. Perfect for an upscale date night. 

And Bacalar opened in September. It features Yucatan-inspired cuisine from a recent Top Chef winner. Bacalar is at the base of a new high rise condo building on Rainey Street, so it has that sort of upscale/Dallas feel to it. The food was fantastic – order the mole if you go! 

And there’s actually another new restaurant in Austin that features Yucatan cuisine. Yep! Haha…how funny is that? 

Nomadé is a small renovated bungalow on South First street that has this AWESOME new build outdoor patio. It’s from the Lucky Robot team. 

And omg omg…please treat yourself to Bureau de Poste sometime soon. It’s a French bistro from chef Jo Chan, and it is so charming and lovely. 

I went on a Tuesday night, which is when the Plat du Jour is lobster frites. Yes and yes. 

Oh, and here’s a casual little kid-friendly spot for those of you who want an easy lunch or dinner option while the kids (or dogs!) run around. Camp Out is a new spot that opened up at Yard Bar on Burnet. It’s a walk-up restaurant with a bunch of classic comfort food like burgers, tacos, and hot dogs. My favorite part is that there’s a playground where my boys can run around. 


I’m loving this partnership with adidas because I just got a few new fun matching sets from their fantastic Black Friday sale!

Y’all, these are so soft and cozy and fun to wear…I mean, they’re perfect for when I’m picking up Milo from preschool, chasing the boys around the park, or just lounging at home. They’re favorite cozy clothes right now! 

The cropped look is soooo cute and comfy with the high-waisted flared leggings. I’m telling you – these sets are SO soft!! 

I also got this gorgeous ice blue color. I’m obsessed! 

Psst: these matching sets would make such a fun holiday gift for someone you love! 


If you have little ones and you haven’t been to the trampoline park lately, I highly suggest it as a rainy day/cold day/hot day/ANYday activity. It is the joy of Milo’s life. Lol. 

He told me, “mommy, take my picture and I’m going to do something silly.” And then he stuck his tongue out while he bounced all the way down this thing. 

Christmas sugar cookies for a special treat!! 

We love going to altitude trampoline park, but there are a few in Austin and they’re all (mostly) the same sort of thing. I love hanging out with these two boys! 


Did you see my beautiful new breakfast nook? I shared it on the blog yesterday right here

Cathryn knocked it out of the park on this design. I am so smitten with the space!!

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