A Cozy Bistro Breakfast Nook

This beautiful space was designed by Cathryn Lindsey, an Austin-based interior designer and owner of Cathryn Lindsey Design. I actually hired her to design this space back in the spring, and then just as we were about to get started on the project, we decided to pursue our kitchen remodel and we had to put it on hold.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I can say I’m finally able to share this beautiful breakfast nook with you today!  

The Design Process

When Cathryn asked what I was looking for in this space, I told her that I first and foremost wanted to make it a cozy, comfy breakfast nook. You know the type of place that fosters a slooooow cup of coffee and a conversation that you hope will never end? That was my vision. 

We often use our kitchen table when we’re hosting overnight guests (like one of my sisters!) and we sit around drinking coffee in the morning, or when Nate’s parents are eating dinner with us and we’re leisurely enjoying a bottle of wine after the boys go to bed.

I wanted super comfy chairs, interesting art to hang on the walls, and a gorgeous statement chandelier to hang in the middle. I also asked Cathryn if she could come up with some sort of half-wall design to add some warmth to the white walls. 

She came up with the idea for a half-height board-and-batten wall with this pretty vertical siding on the top of it. She chose the color “Pigeon” from Farrow & Ball (dreamy) which compliments our kitchen backsplash tile perfectly.   

The millwork is gorgeous! It adds so much character to this little corner of the house. I think I’m officially declaring this my favorite little spot in the house! 

I’m still fairly new to working with professional designers in my space, so if you’re like me, you might not know this: 

Designers charge a small design fee, but they also offer a significant trade discount on all of the items purchased. In my case, the discounts made up the amount I paid the designer (and then some!)

Anyway, it’s just something to consider if you have a certain room in your house that you’d like to have professionally designed! I’m SO pleased with how this dining nook turned out. If I had to do it myself, I probably would have found a random round table that I liked and then 4 chairs…and not really known what to do past that. I love that Cathryn had the eye to select the perfect table, chair, lighting, rugs, and accessories to elevate the space into a completely perfect room that makes me happy every time I see it. 

cozy bistro breakfast nook
cozy bistro breakfast nook
cozy bistro breakfast nook
cozy bistro breakfast nook
cozy bistro breakfast nook
cozy bistro breakfast nook
cozy bistro breakfast nook

The pedestal table is a Room & Board table that I’ve actually been eyeing for years! I love that the white quartz top is so durable and easy to clean. 

We went with a 48″ table so we can easily add two extra chairs and fit six diners around this table, if necessary. (Like if Nate’s parents stop by for dinner and we want to all be able to sit around the table.) I aaaalmost asked to switch to the 42″ table because eI wasn’t sure if this one would look too cramped, but Cathryn ran the measurements through her design programs and really encouraged me to go with the 48″ and I’m so glad she did! It’s perfect. 

The chairs and artwork are from Four Hands, which has a showroom right here in Austin so I could actually go and sit in these chairs and make sure I loved them before purchasing! 

Since the art that Cathryn chose is a pretty and moody impressionistic piece, I get to interpret however I want, and I’ve decided that it’s a coastal town in south England. Which pairs perfectly with…

…the map that you see in this room is a historic map of London from the 1800s. Nate gave it to me years ago (because that’s the first international trip we ever took together, and the first international trip Milo ever took). It used to be in our bedroom, but I love having this map out here in the breakfast nook where everyone can enjoy it. 

Both the rug and curtains were inexpensive items that Cathryn handpicked knowing that I have 2 young boys, so I will most likely have to replace these items after they get some wear and tear on them. Always nice working with a designer who is also a mom to young kids herself and truly gets it! 

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