My Home At Christmas

Why is a Christmas home the best home? I seriously wish it was socially acceptable to have a 9-foot tree with lights on it in my home year-round, because my home never ever looks better than during the holiday season. I love going out to holiday activities, but my favorite nights are when Nate and I snuggle up on the couch in the glow of the Christmas tree, pour some eggnog, and watch a Christmas movie with the fireplace on.

This year was a bit funny in regards to decorating…

I try to add on a few little things every year. I love purchasing things that I’ll hopefully use for years and years, so I just get one or two new items each year to add to my “collection” of holiday decor. Last year I got a bunch of beautiful throw pillow covers, and the year before that I got a long pre-lit garland. In 2020 we bought our lovely 9-foot Christmas tree (my pride and joy!).

My hope was to get a few more items this year to round out some space in my home…but our kitchen remodel finished JUST in time for Thanksgiving, so going crazy with decorations wasn’t in the cards this year.

Imperfect, a bit messy, and smattered with lots of personal touches from the 2- and 4-year-old boys who cohabitate this house with me 😉 , here are a few photos of my Christmas home! I literally just finished making a batch of eggnog, I have my favorite Christmas jazz station playing on the HomePod, and the house smells like pine thanks to this delicious Frasier fir oil. Welcome!

^ Holiday pillowcases were the best thing I bought in 2022.

The reindeer one is my favorite. Isn’t it beautiful?


You might notice an absence of ornaments on the bottom 3 feet of my Christmas tree…

…as well as some fun new paper additions! I never really know what I’ll find on this Christmas tree…but it’s always entertaining.

Oh, our stockings were another addition in 2022! I ordered them from Pottery Barn and they showed up on my porch, monogrammed, less than a week later! I let the boys pick their own designs.

I’ll never stop sending out our annual holiday card because I know how much fun it is to receive them! Even though I see some of these friends every week, I LOVE having their faces on my refrigerator so I can see them every day during the holiday season. And there are some cards we get that are genuinely a GREAT way to keep in touch. I get so excited when I see cards in the mail…and let’s be honest, December is pretty much the only time we utilize snail mail at this point. So it feels extra special to have envelopes to open.

Lol at our awkward front room. It was our downstairs playroom when we bought the house, because Nate was in a wheelchair and Milo was crawling, so we needed a safe downstairs place for Milo to hang out where Nate could watch him. Now that the breakfast nook and kitchen remodel are complete, I’m going to turn the space into a formal dining room. But it’s now in the awkward in-between part, with a table and chairs but it still has the playroom rug…and literally nothing else.

So I put our old Christmas tree in there and threw on some colored lights for fun! I love that Christmas decorations can be completely random and they still somehow look beautiful. (Another toddler moment: this little tree is leaning to the side from a 2-year-old who loves to pull ornaments off of it. I’m including these details because they are just so very much the stage of life we’re in!)

By the way, Nate bought this book for the boys this year and they are obsessed! Milo asks for us to read it almost every night before bedtime.

My Christmas Home

And that’s my Christmas home. It brings me so much joy. Xo!


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