Friday Five {5/5/23}

Hyatt San Antonio Riverwalk
Happy Cinco De Mayo! What are you up to today? My sister + 3 of her Dallas people are in town visiting this week, so I’m taking most of the day off work so I can bop around Austin with them. I looooove playing tourist in my own city and visiting new places and old favorites. Kylee told me they are 100% planning on tacos + margs, a few breweries, breakfast tacos, and whatever else falls into place this weekend. Yes. Yes. Yes. Here are 5 little things for you Friday!

1. This new wine bar

Flo's Wine Bar

If you haven’t been yet, Flo’s is adorable! Tarrytown doesn’t have a ton of places to go out to eat and drink, so it’s a very well received wine bar + pizza shop in the neighborhood. Here’s a reel I made about it if you want to see more of the interior. 

I went on a Saturday evening, and it was pretty crowded. But I was able to snag a table pretty quickly because people come and go so often. 

2. San Antonio Vs Austin

Hyatt San Antonio Riverwalk

Where would you rather live? This article on my San Antonio site is amazing. Give it a read. 

3. Community Market at HEB

This is a fun weekend event for those of you who are local! 

H-E-B is hosting a community market at their Oaks at Slaughter location {8801 S Congress Ave} from 10 am – 2 pm tomorrow, May 6. 

 Y’all know I’m a HUUUGE H-E-B fan (I mean, who isn’t?!) and I love that in the last few years they’ve really upped their commitment to sustainability. 

So this market tomorrow is a chance to actually meet the farmers who are supplying the food to the grocery stores! Plus they’ll have kids events, samples, and live music. If you live in south Austin and want a FREE family-friendly event, it looks like it will be fun! 


4. Farm Rio Dresses

I’ve shared it a bit in the past, but I’m truly working on investing in high-quality pieces for my closet and moving away from fast fashion. 

(And it’s hard!!! Because fast fashion is fun! And so cheap!)

But I love the feeling of wearing a sturdy, beautifully-made dress that I know I’ll wear for years and years. And I love knowing that me wearing it is helping someone rather than hurting the people who are making those garments in unfair working conditions. 

So I love that I’ve finally bought my first two Farm Rio dresses. 

THIS ONE! Can you even? I don’t have any pics of me in it because it’s getting altered right now (the straps were a bit too long), but once I have it in my closet, I plan to wear it right away. 

I also got this stunner: 

THIS DRESS is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever worn. Mostly because of the back: 

I loooove it!

Stepping into the version of me who buys $250 dresses instead of $40 Target dresses feels scary. And right. I have so, so many things I could say about this transformation, and maybe I will someday. 

5. Dayton + Milo

These boys are starting to get to the age where they’re actually acting like friends! Not just “big brother Milo who walks and talks and tiny baby Dayton.” 

Like, they’re starting to play together and communicate and laugh at the same dumb things. 

It makes my heart so, so happy to see. 

Mostly because my siblings are my greatest gifts in life, and I know that these brothers are the luckiest to have each other. And they’re going to be best friends for life. So starting to see the that happening now…it’s pretty magical. 

Have a fun weekend! I’m off to get some tacos and margaritas with all of my Dallas friends!

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