3 Books I’ve Read Lately (Jan 2023)

Hello! I’ve got a juicy little blog post of some 3 good books I’ve read lately. Are you reading anything good right now? I’m loading up my kindle with a few beach reads for an upcoming trip, so any recommendations are appreciated! 

3 Books I've Read Lately

1. Fairy Tale by Stephen King

Can you believe this was my first Stephen King novel to read? Crazy, I know. He’s one of the most celebrated and best-selling authors alive today, and he’s had more of his novels turned into movies and tv shows than any other author…so I figured I should read something. 

I chose Fairy Tale, a dark fantasy novel about a teenage boy who discovers a passage to a secret world in a shed in his backyard. It was published late 2022. Honestly, there were too many to choose from, so I just picked h new one!

First off, this book was longer than most books I typically read, yet I was completely captured. Even in the first 1/3 of the book, before that heart of the story really picks up and he’s just laying the groundwork for the characters, I was completely “in” that world. Whenever I had a free minute in my day, I wanted to be reading this book and back in that world.

I’m not sure I would read one of his horror novels (that genre just isn’t my thing…), but then again I was kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed this fantasy novel (which also isn’t typically my thing…) so who knows? Maybe I’ll read Shawshank Redemption one of these days! 

Anyway, if you’re in the same boat that I was in, and you think that Stephen King “just isn’t for you,” I totally recommend giving him a try! I know, I know…I’m not recommending anything groundbreaking here. But I definitely had an idea in my head that I just wouldn’t ever read/want to read a Stephen King novel, but I was 100% wrong. This book was SO good. 

2. Building A Second Brain by Tiago Forte

Nate read this one and recommended it to me! If you’re interested in knowledge management and personal development, GRAB THIS BOOK. It’s simple, concise, and smart. 

The idea is this: we’re in the Information Age, and there’s an abundance of information swirling in and around our brains at every moment. But if you don’t have a good method to capture and organize that information, you can’t tap into it when you’re in the creative zone. 

Oh, and PS: there’s a Building A Second Brain podcast with short, actionable episodes. Listen to that if you want a little peek into what the book is about. 

3. Smitten Kitchen Keepers by Deb Perelman

Deb’s cookbooks are the only ones that I will literally read cover-to-cover like a book. I’ve followed her recipe blog for years, and her writing style is just as cozy and welcoming as her food. 

I’m not kidding here! This cookbooks is actually just fun to read through. She writes a 1-2 paragraphs to introduce each recipe, and I love the stories she tells and the way she describes the recipe development.  As soon as I read the intro, I’m just like, “oh, I have to make this dish!” Ha. Even if it’s not something I was previous interested in. 

I’ve made 5 or 6 recipes from this book thus far, and they’ve all been “keepers.” Truly. (The walnut toffee chocolate chip cookies are probably the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever tried. And the lemony wings were the quickest/tastiest weeknight dinner recipe I’ve made in a while. Sooooo delish.) 

Three books! That’s it for today. I have soooo many books I’m wanting to read right now, and I’m trying to keep my expectations in check for this upcoming trip. It’s a family trip, which means I’ll most likely be spending the flight chasing a 1-year-old up and down the plane instead of reading books. Haha! So we’ll see if I get around to any of the books on my kindle over the next week. 

Xo! Have a great day!

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