My Life Lately {Vol 11}

Good morning! How’s your Wednesday going? Here’s a little peek into my life lately:

Our neighbors hosted a crawfish boil!

Both boys were very unsure about the whole situation. Haha. I thought Dayton might be interested in the live crawfish, but he just kind of scoffed at them and rode off on his little bike.

He then continued to ride his bike around for the next two hours.

Until he got a bit tired and needed a cookie break..

Side note: we have the best neighborhood/neighbors in Austin. I’m convinced of it! We are so, so lucky and thankful for all the amazing people we get to do life with! Our friends blocked off the street so we could have a big ol’ block party, and the kids were playing soccer in the street and the adults were drinking beer and hanging out in lawn chairs all day on Saturday.

We went to Kalahari over the weekend. The boys looooove these water slides!

But before we left, mom and dad needed a second cup of coffee for the road…and both boys helped make it.

Three cute baristas in the fam making my coffee for me. 😉

I shared about this spot in yesterday’s post, but how fun is this new wine bar in Austin? She’s a cutie.

Waffles for breakfast! Milo is reeeaaally into helping Dayton with everything. From helping him get dressed to serving him is food, Milo loves stepping up and giving things to Dayton. He asks Dayton, “Dayton, do you want the pink fork? The one with the heart?” and D just nods yes to everything. And then Milo is like, “mommy, he DOES want the pink fork! We need to get it for him!” haha. 

Looking so darn handsome these day.

Waffles for the win.

And that’s a peek into my life lately. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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