An Austin FC Game!

I'm so glad Austin has a pro sports team now

These Austin FC games are sooo much fun! I went to one over the weekend with my good friend Grace

When Nate was adamant that we get season tickets way back in 2019, I was a bit unsure. I mean, that’s a lot of games to go to. But he was right, and having these season tickets to Austin FC has been a blast. We go to some of the games together, and then whenever one of us isn’t feeling up for it (last weekend Nate felt like he needed to have a lazy Saturday evening at home), the other spouse will invite a friend. Nate has brought a few friends to games this season as his +1, and last weekend it was my turn. 

Flo's Wine Bar

Grace and I left for the game a bit early to check out a new wine bar near Mount Bonnell. Flo’s is so cute! It’s connected to Anyday Cafe that serves pizza and soft serve.

Flo's Wine Bar

I love places that manage to merge the elevated with the casual. There were folks there in gym shorts and flip flops, enjoying a glass of cold white wine and sharing a few slices of pizza with their young kids. There were also people there who were clearly on a Saturday evening date, all dressed up to the nines and splitting an expensive bottles of wine. 


And then we went from there to the stadium! Austin was playing San Jose. 

I love the energy of the stadium! The Austin FC fans GET INTO IT and there’s fun buzz in the air. 

The game was (sadly) a draw. But honestly, I still have so much fun at these games no matter the score because the energy of the game is so great. 

Bonus: it was Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday on Saturday and they had this banner: 

Austin FC

I mean, what? 

Austin FC

The crowd went WILD when this banner emerged. So great. Willie’s 90th paired with some excellent bbq + chips during the game? I’m a happy girl. 

Valentina's at Austin FC
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