Austin FC Season 3 Opener!

I can hardly believe this was a year ago…and now season 3 has begun! Nate and I went to the Austin FC game last weekend and had the best time!!

(Ok, full transparency: we could have had a slightly better time if we had won the game, but at least it was a really fun game to watch!)

We got to Q2 extra early so we could have some time to pregame with friends!

It was coold that evening! Not as cold as last year’s season opener, but Nate did tell me that he regretted not bringing a jacket. (I brought two..haha.)

We typically go to a craft brewery near Q2 before a game, but we opted for Turnstile for this game instead.

It’t interesting seeing all the bars near the stadium get their act together regarding these crowds! Turnstile has a bar inside with beer on draft, but they also open an additional ordering station outside where you can place orders for food and get cans of beer. The line to get inside Turnstile was insane, so I went with a can of Meanwhile Secret Beach from the outdoor station.

Aww! And we got to hang out with our friends Kathleen and Mike!

Ready to goooo!!

Burgers + fries + beer before the game, and then we walked over to the stadium.

Oh my gosh…there was so much energy in the stadium that night, y’all! Just walking in the gate gave me a jolt of adrenaline!

I love this man so much. We’ve been to so many Austin FC games together, and I we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the games we’ll attend together in our lives.

See those little machines on the field? They shoot fireworks from them during the national anthem.

Game on!

St Elmo Carl (my favorite) during the game. I’d never seen the camo can before, but I thought it was cute. Same beer, different cans.

There’s literally nothing like a sold-out stadium on opening night. It was packed with energy. I kept having flashbacks to the first season in 2020 when they had to keep delaying the in-person games because of the pandemic. I’m so thankful that all of these people can gather together and cheer on Austin FC!

So yeah, the game didn’t end the way we hoped. But honestly? It was still blast to be there and spend the evening together with Nate and our friends. I’m pretty pumped for this season.

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