A Weekend At Home In Austin

Good morning! How was your weekend? It was such a simple weekend over here, but I think those are my favorites. We spent it bopping around Austin, doing a bit of this and that. The boys are pretty lucky to live in such a fun weekend city. 🙂 Here’s what we were up to:

Nate’s parents came over and helped the boys make chocolate ice cream! I gave Nate an ice cream maker a few Christmases ago (yes, I give very self-serving gifts sometimes…) and Milo has totally stepped into his role as the official ice cream assistant in this family. He will bring his step stool over and add all the ingredients and push all the buttons and wait soooo patiently for it to freeze.

Dayton was so precious eating it!

After every bite he’d give me this face ^ like “ooooh! cold!” and then immediately ask for more.

It wasn’t too cold over the weekend, but temps were in the 40s/50s and I didn’t feel like messing with coats. We went to the mall and spent a few hours there. They’re at an age where anything can be an adventure if I just deliver it in the right way! Escalators were a HUGE hit. That was about 20 minutes of excitement. The mannquins at Nordstrom? Totally fascinating. (Milo asked why their eyes were closed and if they were veeeeery tired?)

The little Disney play space is such a hit for these boys!

There were some big kids on the slide when we arrive and Dayton was a bit afraid. After about 10 minutes Milo (totally unprompted) came over, grabbed his hand, and helped him down the slide a few times until Dayton was ready to try it by himself.

My heart.

And then baby D was off to the races!

Y’all. Sometimes I can’t even believe that this is my weekend life these days. Haha.

I also had a lunch date with my friend Caitlin over the weekend, and Milo got to join us! He looked looking out over the water at Lake Austin.

Tat Tat joined, of course.

He kept looking down at the water, which was rippling and moving a bit, and saying, “mommy we ARE moving!!!!” Ha.

Cocktails for me and Caitlin. I don’t loooove the food at Hula Hut, but the drinks are fun and there’s nothing like lakeside dining. Note to self: rent a boat and get out on the water sometime this spring.

I take that back: the entrees (tacos, platter, enchiladas, beans) are not all that flavorful. The shrimp flautas ^ are awesome. This is definitely a drinks/happy hour type of place.

They call these “tubular tacos” but they’re basically upside-down enchiladas.

And then, of course, no Austin weekend is complete in our book without a visit to a brewery. Haha. We just find ourselves drinking beer and playing on playgrounds a lot these days I guess?

The playground at 12 Fox is actually kind of terrifying…

Corn hole is always fun, though! Dayton likes to use the boards as slides.

Serious little pretzel eater.

And that was it – cheers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’m off to spend my Monday running around Austin with my boys…because that’s what I do. 🙂


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