Weekend At a Brewery

One of my very favorite things to do these days is take my boys to a nearby brewery, let them run around on the playground (or just in a big field!) and drink a craft beer with a friend.

Last weekend my sister Cara stopped by on her way home from a work trip in San Antonio, so the boys got some unexpected auntie time!

We went to Fitzhugh Brewing in Dripping Springs. The boys love their playground, and I love how convenient it is to place a food/beer order at the counter and then have everything delivered to your table shortly after. Also, I loooove a brewery that has a standard food menu instead of a rotating truck.

Milo has been requesting a pair of sunglasses so I got this inexpensive pair on Amazon. They’re a little bit bendy so he can “stretch” out the glass to put them on his face. Big win.

Dayton loves them too. (Also I loooove how he thinks he’s just so funny!)

It was a bright, sunny, cold weekend in Austin, Texas!

(And yet this child still didn’t want to wear his jacket.)

Pepperoni pizza and a few pints of beer. I really like the Ukrainian Kvass at Fitzhugh. It’s a Ukrainian beer (duh) that’s brewed with bread, so it’s dark and roasty…but it’s only 3.7% ABV! I mean…aaaalmost too light of a beer (I want some alcohol, you know?) but since it’s darker in color and taste, it feels like a slightly bigger beer.

Milo is “selling ice cream cones” from the inside of the play place.

My turn for an ice cream cone! (It looked remarkably like a wooden stick.) Also of note: he has finally agreed to wear a coat at 6 pm when it’s 50 degrees outside.

Another exciting part of this brewery visit: Milo discovered he’s tall enough to reach the water cooler, so he could run over there and pour himself a glass of water whenever he wanted.

I could tell he thought it was reeeaally exciting!

My beautiful sister! We love you sooo much, CC. Super glad you stopped by Austin over the weekend.


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