Auntie Weekends Are The Best Weekends

I think one of my favorite parts of this stage of life is watching my sisters love on my two little sons. I get so excited whenever I get a text from one of my sisters saying, “I’m thinking of driving/flying to Austin ___ weekend to see the boys. Does that work?” We’re so lucky that these sorts of weekends happen all the time!

Kylee drove from Dallas for the weekend! ^ Haha, this picture of Dayton.. Kylee is a badass and did a morning weekend Peloton workout, and the boys played with me and occasionally wandered into the playroom/exercise room and sat down and watched her ride. Kylee was like, “this is the most attention I’ve had on a ride in a while!” Dayton was fascinated.

Back in the day when Kylee would visit, we would spend the entire weekend out and about exploring Austin. These days, it’s a bit harder to move around quickly with two toddlers, so we do a combo of playing at home, going out to parks, and visiting a few kid-friendly restaurants in Austin.

Oasthouse isn’t the verrryyy best food Austin has to offer, but they do have a good happy hour and a playground! We found ourselves there on Saturday afternoon for some margaritas and pretzels and pork sliders.

Babies in hoodies…I just can’t.

See that determined look on his face? It scares me (just a little bit) for what’s in my future with this child for the next 15 years. 😉

(Another bonus for auntie weekends? When Kylee volunteers to babysit the boys while Nate and I go to a soccer game. Thanks, Kylee!)

At this point it’s hard to think of kid-friendly Austin restaurants that Kylee hasn’t tried yet. She’s been visiting us in Austin since Nate and I started dating in 2014, so she’s been to a LOT of places here! But Sour Duck Market was still on her list to try, so we went there for some Sunday breakfast.

Their special pastry of the day was a banana pudding kolache, and it was that good. Like, I need them to make this a regular menu item. It tasted exactly like it should: a thick, creamy scoop of banana pudding inside dense, sweet kolache dough. So scrumptious.

Milo was a big fan of the chocolate chip cookie! (You can’t tell in this picture, but he got himself dressed all by himself on this day! He was so proud. That black shirt is a v-neck and it was on backwards, so the v was on the back, and every time I looked at it I felt this weird surge of love at his cuteness paired with pride at how he’s taking ownership in learning how to do new things, like putting on his pants and shirt by himself.)

Pants and shirt covered in chalk? Check. Face covered in chocolate? Check.

It was good weekend! There’s are the days I want to remember forever. XO

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