Memorial Weekend 2019 Snapshots

Memorial Weekend: Barton Springs

Memorial Weekend: Barton Springs

Hi friends!

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! I had theeee best 3 days in Austin. I don’t know about you, but vacations at home are some of my very favorite memories. (And I’m labeling this as something different than a “staycation,” which is, to me, when I stay in a hotel in my own city. Right now I’m talking about a lazy weekend at home when I have nothing on my agenda except fun stuff!)

My sister, Kylee, came to visit us for the long weekend. We had the best time! We basically bopped around Austin doing our favorite things (swimming and eating) for three days straight.

Here are a few snapshots from my Memorial Day weekend in Austin:

Memorial Weekend

^ Nate spent the weekend brewing. On Saturday, before Kylee arrived, he was busy prepping a new fermentation system. Note the furry four-legged helper getting into mischief on his left.

Memorial Weekend

^Ky is here! We stopped by Juiceland for a couple fresh juices before happy hour. I don’t know, but there’s just something about kicking off the weekend with a green juice that somehow justifies the gallons of queso we ate… Girl math.

Memorial Weekend: Fresa's Queso

^ Queso and margs at Fresa’s! (Psst: my shirt is from this awesome little independent clothing company called Radical Girl Gang.)

^ I can’t believe this was my first time to try Fresa’s queso! I’m at Fresa’s multiple times every month for breakfast, lunch, or dessert, but I had somehow never tried the queso. It’s loaded with all sorts of delicious flavors (salsa, chorizo, pico de gallo, black beans) and right now it’s one of my favorites in Austin.

Memorial Weekend

Remember my 2019 Austin summer bucket list? One of the things I wanted to make sure I did this summer was to get ice cream at Amy’s and then walk to the bat bridge!

So….we did that. Mexican Vanilla + Butterfinger for Ky, Mexican Vanilla + caramel cups + cookie dough for me.

May and June are, in my opinion, the best months to enjoy summer nights! (If you’re thinking of visiting Austin soon, check out my month-by-month guide to Austin’s weather.)

On this particular night it wasn’t hot at all, there was a slight breeze, and I just felt so, so happy to be walking down South Congress with all the tourists to see the bats emerge from under the South Congress Bridge.

^ On Sunday we went to enjoy a lazy afternoon at Barton Springs. No crowds if you get there at 11 am!

Memorial Weekend: Barton Springs

^ Oh my soul…this iconic Austin spring is one of my favorite places! I’m not brave enough to jump into the 68 degree water unless the weather gets to at least 90 degrees, and….it did on this day.

So we jumped it! ICEY.

Memorial Weekend: Barton Springs

Memorial Weekend: Barton Springs

^ Oh my goodness…she’s such a cutie! This was Kylee’s first time to go to Barton Springs. (She’s visited me in Austin LOTS of times, and she’s been to Deep Eddy and Big Stacey, but never to Barton Springs!)

Memorial Weekend: El Alma

^ Post swim happy hour at El Alma!

Memorial Weekend: El Alma

^ We sat on the upstairs patio and ordered chips and queso and tacos and drinks. All the happy feels. Mexican food tastes best in the summer!

Memorial Weekend

^ Late-night walk to Dolce Neve for some gelato. I just love summer walks to get ice cream with my people! It never gets old.

Memorial Weekend: Seventh Flag Coffee in Austin

^ Memorial Day morning: we woke up early, got some iced coffee at Seventh Flag, and headed down to Auditorium Shores to watch the Cap Tex Triathlon.

Memorial Weekend

^ We’ve both participated in lots of races: I’ve done a marathon and a couple half marathons, Kylee has done triathlons and a half marathon, and we’ve both observed lots of races. And it NEVER GETS OLD. The race vibe just does something to me!

Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones, but I found myself pretty darn close to tearing up at multiple times that morning! I would see young or old people crossing the finish line, husbands cheering for wives or vice versa, families and friends supporting one another, athletes digging deep to find the strength to run another 3 mile lap… I mean, it just gets to me!

Memorial Weekend: Polvo's breakfast taco

^ After all the race-watching we earned ourselves some breakfast tacos. 😉

Memorial Weekend

^ We spent most of Memorial Day by the pool!

All the summer vibes: pool, kindle, SO much ice water in my Yeti, loads of snacks.

Yes please.

Memorial Weekend: magnolia cafe queso

^ We stopped for one last queso at Magnolia Cafe after a day at the pool. I haven’t had the Mag Mud (queso with black beans) in years and forgot how much I love it!

Ok friends, that’s a peek into my Memorial Day in Austin. Hope yours was lovely!

Happy kick off to summer!