Milo’s 3rd Austin FC Game…Kind Of

Milo at Austin FC game

Well my friends, sometimes, amidst all your best parenting efforts, things just don’t work out the way you planned.

(Ha. Understatement of my life!)

Every year we bring Milo to an Austin FC game. We started this back in 2021 when I was pregnant with Dayton, and I hope this tradition goes on forever!

Milo’s First Austin FC Game

Milo’s Second Austin FC Game

This year I thought it would be sweet for Nate and Milo to have a daddy/son date at a game.

^ Both boys waiting very excitedly for their dad to get home from running errands! Milo was very clear that he wanted to wear his green pants with his green shirt for this game.

Game time! I asked Milo his favorite parts about soccer games, and he told me he loves the green smoke (they shoot it off whenever Austin FC scores) and the “chocolate things” (M&Ms.)

They also shot off colored smoke at this game in honor of pride month!

And then…this is when things kind of fell off the tracks. The weather was all clear up until the game started, but there was suddenly some thunder and lightning and they had to delay the game by 30 minutes.

And then they started playing loud music.

And the thunder got louder.

It was absolutely pouring here at home! So I texted Nate:

So Nate drove that precious little 3-year-old home and he crawled into bed and snuggled with me.

Not the same game experience as previous years, but the season is still young! We’ll try again later in the summer, haha.

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