A Weekend Anniversary Date

Hi friends! Happy Monday. How was your weekend?

Nate and I celebrated six years of marriage by…going to an Austin FC game!

It just so happened that we had a home game on our anniversary, so I was like, “CHECK!! That’s what we’re doing to celebrate 6 years of marriage!”

We pre-gamed at Fairweather Cider.


A couple ciders with my man!

They were all decked out in green for the soccer game.

I really like the cider at Fairweather (we had the English cider and the Basque cider), but I’ll be honest: the main reason I wanted to go here was to eat at Spicy Boys.

It’s the best fried chicken sandwich in Austin. I got the OG, and Nate went with the tingly sandwich.

And (of course) some of their roti and curry on the side. It was one of those perfect spring days in Austin! Sunny and 70 degrees and not too windy. We ate outside at Fairweather and it was just perfect.

And then we headed to the game!

This is the beer that Zilker Brewing did in collaboration with Spicy Boys food truck, so it seemed like an appropriate choice for this night.

Whenever Austin FC scores, they shoot off green smoke from the field. It’s Milo’s favorite part of the games and he always asks to see videos of the “green fmoke.” So Nate, being the awesome dad the the is, made sure to capture a video when we scored.

The game was a draw (gahhh, Austin! I need you to step it up this season!!) but other than that, it was the perfect little evening out with my man.

Here’s to many years of being married, and less pressure to do something “big and grand” for every anniversary. This simple little evening was absolutely perfect.

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