My Life Lately {Vol 9}

Oh hi! Good morning. I’m back in Austin after a few days up in Dallas helping my sister unpack at her new place. It was a fun little getaway to spend some time with my sisters (geeez I’m jealous that they get to live a mile apart from each other!!) but I’m so happy to be back in Austin with my little crew.

And with a normal schedule. I love a schedule. 😉

Here’s a peek at my life lately:

One chocolate covered baby! He found a random half-eaten chocolate chip cookie at the playground and shoved a huge bite of the melty thing into his mouth before I could grab it. Then Milo came along and stole some of it too, and all I could do was laugh and take a picture of this silly little baby.

Ooooh, this is one of my favorite jewelry stores right now! Have you been inside the Gorjana at the domain? It’s so lovely, and the Laguna Beach-style jewelry is simple and elegant. I was eyeing a few pieces online, but I decided to stop in the store and see what they look like in real life before purchasing.

They have these sweet little bracelet duos, which is fun. But I went with…

A single bracelet. I love how it’s made to look a bit like a watch band. ^I snapped this picture at the Austin FC game last weekend!

^ A weekend donut date with my two little loves.

We ate some donuts and then…

Went to play at this fun park! I love driving around and finding really good playgrounds in Austin that aren’t necessarily near our home…it’s just fun to mix it up and visit new places.

Donuts and a playground and two little boys. This is what a weekend looks like right now, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Like I mentioned, I went up to Dallas and helped my sister with her move. But, of course, it also involved some beer and dinner and time with friends and family! 

^ Another fun little outing: I met up with some girlfriends at Drinkwell last week. I loooove this cocktail bar. It’s where Nate and I went on our second date ever! We actually perched at ^ this exact little spot in the bar back in February 2014 and talked for hours and hours late on a Saturday night.

The cocktails are just so good here. (Pssst: I also love the food. Their burger is delish.)

I feel like the bluebonnets in Texas have been extra beautiful this year! There are some dense patches of them lining the Austin highways. Thank you, bluebonnets, for making traffic jams in March something I kind of look forward to.

They’re just so lovely! Texas doesn’t have a lot of natural beauty (compared to states with mountains and oceans, that is), so bluebonnet season is really our time to shine. PS: if you want to take some photos in the bluebonnets before they disappear in a few weeks, here are good spots in Austin to take bluebonnet photos. 

And finally, a little backyard ice cream date with my boys. Dayton is still figuring out how to use a spoon so he does a combo of trying to get scoops with his spoon and then just giving up and picking up the ice cream with his hands.

And Milo’s little arm is always covered in some sort of marker or paint because art is his favorite thing right now.

That’s a peek into my life lately. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll chat with you here tomorrow.

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