Austin FC Game!

Last weekend we went out on a date night to….

Austin FC Game

Austin FC vs Dallas! It wasn’t a great outcome. But let’s not talk about that, ok? Let’s talk about…

A fun night out with this cutie husband of mine! We started with a couple beers up in the Sports Bet bar.

A St Elmo hazy for me, and a “Floaty IPA” (great name for a beer you’re supposed to consume while floating the river!) from Austin Beerworks for Nate.

It’s been rainy, rainy, rainy in Austin all week. But that didn’t keep the crowds away!

We made our way to our seats…

…cheers! And grabbed some food. A green hatch a gouda sausage for Nate, and a One Taco taco for me.

And queso…because you need some munchies.

Nate and I were talking about how, in a few years, the boys will be old enough to go on dates with us to these games! Our plan is to hold onto these season tickets forever. I can’t wait until we can do Mommy/Milo dates to Austin FC, or Daddy/Dayton dates (in all combos, obviously.) It will be so much fun!

But for now, Nate and I get to enjoy these games as our standing date nights out of the house.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! XO

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