A Brewery Weekend

Really, what else is new? 😉

My sister + some of her Dallas friends were in town this week. They bopped around Austin, visiting breweries and restaurants and eating/drinking around the city. I joined up with them a little bit, and then on Saturday afternoon we all met up at Meanwhile for pizza, beer, BBQ, soccer, playground time, and good vibes!

This little series of photos cracks me up. He was legit eating bark off of the tree. 20 months is a whole thing, y’all!

Meanwhile Brewing

Meanwhile is such a popular brewery in Austin right now. For good reason! They’re one of the most award-winningest breweries in town, they have an amazing space with a playground, lots of TVs, a soccer field, and tons of picnic tables, they have FIVE food trucks on site, and the folks who run the space are really wonderful. We love Meanwhile!

Milo packed his soccer balls.

Distant Relatives BBQ is delicious.

Side Eye Pie

And so is Side Eye Pies! We went with classic pepperoni.

Not messy at all. 😉

It was a hot and humid May Day in Austin. Both boys played SO hard and got exhausted and sweaty. We had the best time!

Haha…that post-soccer slump. Needless to say, the boys earned their baths that night and slept very well!

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