We Brought Milo To An Austin FC Game (Season 2)

We brought Milo to another Austin FC game, and a toddler in a soccer jersey was even cuter than I hoped. He came to a game with us last year when I was hella pregnant with Dayton. Milo was under 2 last season, so this year felt WAY easier and honestly so much more fun.

This was the final regular game of the season, and it was a 4 pm game in October…aka NOT blisteringly hot! It was the perfect game for Milo. PS: remember the season opener when we were freezing?

Milo’s nearly 3-years-old now, so he can communicate a lot better. He’s also able to sit still and observe and focus for just a bit longer. Last year he bounced around for the entire game. This year he only bounced around for about 50% of the game! The rest of the time he actually just sat on our laps and watched. 

Btw, kids under 2 are free at games! I answered a bunch of questions about bringing a toddler to Q2 Stadium in this post, so go read that one for more details. And you can bring strollers, you just can’t park them by your seat. You’ll have to fold them up and put them under your seats (so bring a tiny stroller) or you have to check it. 

Ok, here are a ton of photos from our Austin FC game with Milo!

He got up from his nap all excited to go to the game! I told him we were taking him to a football game, and it was the first time in a long time that he fell was eager to go take a nap so that he could wake up and GO! In this picture he’s explaining to me that he’ll wait to put on his football shirt until he gets to the game…

Woohoo, at the game!

We always use the Pavemint app to find a parking spot near the stadium. We typically park pretty close because Nate’s leg can only handle so many steps per day…but the close spot was especially nice when we were walking with a 2-year-old.

We typically get to the games really early so we can pregame at a brewery or restaurant near Q2 Stadium. But for this game, we decided to get there right at the start of the game. The line to get in was really short right at 4:00.

It’s my favorite thing in the world when he asks to hold my hand. He grabs two fingers and squeezes really hard when there’s a big crowd.

Milo loved seeing the soccer field!!

Gang’s all here for the start of the game!

They are just so precious together.

Taking it all in…

At the beginning of each game, they sing the National Anthem and shoot off a couple fireworks. Milo was not a fan..

…but every time Austin FC scores a goal, they shoot off green smoke. He LOVED that. It’s actually the main thing he keeps saying about the entire day, now that we’re a few days removed from it: “I did not like those…what are they called?” (Fireworks.) “Yeah, the fireworks. They were too loud! But I like the green smoke!!”

Snacks for everyone! I went with some nachos and a 512 IPA.

Milo requested some chips..

And Nate grabbed a sausage and some Zilker Parks & Rec (their pale ale.)


He actually sat and watched a lot of the game! I’d say about 40-50% of it.

The rest of the time he was negotiating for more snacks, asking to be taken to the bathroom…

…and just being a little rascal in general. 🙂

Milo is SO much fun right now! We bought him some candy (he requested “those chocolate things”) and eating M&Ms was his favorite part of the second half.

Very excited about finding green M&Ms. “Daddy, they match your shirt!”

Random, but I wanted to mention this to y’all: if you have an Apple Watch, do you have the Noise function turned on? It basically alerts you any time you’re in a loud setting that could cause hearing damage. I get alerted when I’m in stadium settings (like on this day) or sometimes when I’m driving in my car solo and singing to some tunes and end up turning it up too loud. 😉

Anyway, the Austin FC games are LOUD, so I always pack…

…these little guys in my purse. I just pop one in my left ear (that’s the ear that faces the drums/supporter section/noisy side of the stadium). I got this 10-pack because they’re in our team colors and they have a little case so I can keep them in my bag.

Goooo Austin!!

Honestly, he was up to no good half the time. But he also kept us very entertained. 😉

Oh, one other thing! I remember going to the game last year and basically having to watch/entertain Milo the entire game. I never really watched the game myself. This year, I was actually able to watch and enjoy the soccer game! Milo was so much better at keeping himself entertained and participating in the whole experience.

Anyway, thought I would mention that in case you’re in the “1-but-almost-2” age. It does get a bit easier, I think! The “2-but-almost-3” age has some challenges for sure, but family outings like this feel a ton easier.

Milo got to see a goal (fun!) and we decided to pack up and head out in the final 5 minutes to beat the crowd.

And then, of course, as we were leaving Colorado scored and tied the match 1-1. 🙁

But all-in-all it was such a beautiful, fun, memory-making day with my husband and 2-year-old.

I carried him for a bit, but then he asked to walk back to the car.

Love you, Milo!

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