Dripping Springs Pumpkin Festival

If you haven't been yet..

This is one of my favorite fall festivals in Austin. (Technically Dripping Springs, but most “Austin” fall festivals are just outside of the city, like Georgetown, Marble Falls, etc.)

Good morning, y’all! Happy Monday. I’m dragging a bit this morning as I come off a weekend away in NYC… and I’m excited to share a travel recap about that tomorrow!

But today I’m sharing a few pics from the previous weekend. Nate was out of town and I was home with the boys for the weekend, so I decided to take Milo and Dayton on a special adventure for the morning. I loaded everyone up in the car and went to the pumpkin fest with a few of my friends.

My favorite things about October

I love this precious pumpkin fest! It’s definitely a fall “festival” and not a pumpkin patch. 

Of course, there’s a huge field of pumpkins and you can select some to bring home (we did!), but they have tons of other activities, too. 

But first…

Here we are last year (2021) at the Dripping Springs Pumpkin Fest! Oh my soul. Dayton is just a little squish. 

This year (2022) was a little bit trickier because D is walking around now and getting into all sorts of mischief. 

But something that made this year better? The festival added lots of new activities! There was sooo much to do there!

The corn pit was a HUGE hit. It’s literally a giant pit full of thousands and thousands of pounds of dry corn.

Haha..I turned to my friend and was like “who comes up with this stuff??”

But the boys loved it! We got there right when it opened (10 am) and bee lined for the corn pit so we could enjoy it before it got completely packed. Within about 20-30 minutes, it was full of kiddos having the best time. 

My precious Dayton boy! He gets a trillion kisses every single day. 

Dripping Springs Pumpkin Fest has so many fun activities for this kids, like a train ride…

A giant game of “beer pong”… 

A big shady turf area with giant legos (Dayton’s favorite part!)…

And SNACKS! Haha. They actually have a lot of fun food trucks and fall-themed concessions. My child just happens to be really into goldfish. 

There are a bunch of great photo ops, too, and if you can convince your toddler to wear anything except athletic shorts and a blue Bahamas t-shirt, you can def get some cute fall photos. (Or you can just let him wear what he wants while he runs around and has fun.) 

I still have a say in what this one wears, though! So I put him in some cute jeans and a fall top and snapped some pumpkin pics. I love how he’s straight up chillin here. 

We love this fall festival! I’m definitely planning to take them to another pumpkin patch or two before the season is over. 

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