Have You Been To Fortlandia 2022 At The Wildflower Center?

Fortlandia 2022 Wildflower Center

The perfect secret hideout for kids

Have you been to Fortlandia at the Wildflower Center? It’s one of my favorite places to bring my littles each year. 

Ever since 2018, the Wildflower Center in Austin has selected Austin designers to build custom forts that are displayed for a few months of the year. Kids can climb in them, explore, and use their imagination. I secretly wish I could just play in them myself, but I also have two tiny babes to watch while I’m there. 😉 These forts are are SO cool!

I went with my friend Emily and her two sons (and then ended up running into my friend Courtney and her two kiddos, too!) and spent the afternoon running around. This year they moved Fortlandia to the family garden, which is a nice, large, shady area. (Btw Fortlandia admission is included in your Wildflower Center ticket.) 

Fortlandia 2022 Wildflower Center

The six designers were asked to create forts that spark an appreciation for art and nature.The first one on the trail (pictured above) was made of wood and featured all sorts of connecting tunnels. 

All of the moms were too tall to fit inside this one, so the kids just ran around in there and popped out at different openings each time. So funny.

Fortlandia 2022 Wildflower Center

I love visiting Fortlandia each year!

It’s open from October 2022 – Jan 2023, if you want to try to bring your little ones this year.

I think that every kid enjoys a “secret hideout.” Even if it’s not actually a secret…it’s just the feeling of being somewhere kind of tucked away that’s only for you that feels really especially adventurous.

Fortlandia 2022 Wildflower Center

My boys are 1 and 3, and about 2 hours of time was our limit. (After that we went to a nearby park with our friends and ate dinner.)

Fortlandia 2022 at the Wildflower Center

I can’t even with his little squatting posture right here. I showed this pic to Nate and he said that Dayton looks like a linebacker. 😉 

Fortlandia is pure sweetness. It’s old fashioned childhood with imagination and running and nature. I absolutely adore it and I hope the Wildflower Center continues to bring it back year after year.

I’m off to enjoy a fun weekend! I’m going to check out a new Austin restaurant tonight, and then I’m heading to the Austin Food & Wine Fest this weekend! Cheers!

PS: gosh, how was this a year ago? 

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