What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

Here are a few I love

I listen to a few podcasts each week, and I’m constantly searching for new favorites. (My husband ALWAYS has a podcast in his ear! I’m more of an occasional listener.) 

I love podcasts for education more than entertainment, but I’m occasionally up for an enthralling true crime podcast or something funny to have on in the background. 

Here are a few that I enjoy!

The Chris Harder Show // I just started listening to this one. He publishes a lot of shows (like three per week!) and lots of them aren’t relevant to me, but I do enjoy a lot of the 10 minute episodes. 

He’s an entrepreneur who talks a lot about the mindset work/personal development stuff that makes me giddy with excitement. I adore conversations like this. 

Some days I just need a quick mindset boost, and I feel like this show is really good for that. 

The Life Coach School Podcast // I’ve listened to this for sooo many years, and I look forward to the new episode drop every Thursday morning! (Well, whenever I can get Milo to allow me to listen to it in the car on the way to swim lessons…but typically it’s Daniel Tiger in the car and I listen to this podcast later in the weekend when I have a free moment.) 

Brooke Castillo is a life coach and the founder of a life coach training school. She’s made it her mission to make $100 million in one year, and last year she hit the $50 million/year mark. It’s just really fascinating to hear her take on life, her unapologetic approach to living a BIG life that has transformed so many other lives, and her unique approach on mindset work and development. 

I can certainly tell you that my mindset has grown a lot stronger since working through some of the concepts in this show. I find myself thinking things like, “ok Kelsey, is the CIRCUMSTANCE of being late to the swim lesson making you stressed, or is it your THOUGHT about what it means to be late to swim lessons that’s making you stressed? And can you try to change that thought a little?” 😉 

I gravitate toward podcasts about goal setting, entrepreneurship, and mindset work. 

Building A Second Brain // I talked about this book last time I shared a book review, but the podcast is worth a listen, too!

‘These are super micro episodes (like 5-10 minutes long), so they’re good to squeeze into a small moment in your day. 

BASB is a knowledge management system, or learning how to take aaaaall the knowledge you’re absorbing throughout the day and have a system for it so you can access that knowledge, leading to a more abundance, creative life. 

It’s good stuff. 

I tend to gravitate toward these self development shows, but I also love a good fun, creative, entertaining podcast every now and then. If you have one you love right now, spill! 

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