What TV Shows Are You Loving Right Now?


I recently had a day in bed...

…due to a stomach bug. (Blech.) It went around our family and I was the final person to catch it, so I spent 24 hours in bed. When the dizziness/grossness subsided, I watched some shows on my laptop in bed.

I’ve watched a few good ones lately, but now I’m in a bit of a rut. If you have any good suggestions, I’m all ears! 

But for now, here are a few shows I’ve watched lately and absolutely LOVED! 

Only Murders In The Building

Only Murders In The Building (Hulu). Oh my soul…y’all! I haven’t loved a show this much in a long time!! 

I started watching it during one of my hair color appointments, and 3 episodes in I knew that Nate would love it too. So I got home that night and told Nate we were watching it together (I re-watched the first three episodes, ha) and we binged both seasons. 

I think that the cast mixture of old/young (Steve Martin + Martin Short + Selena Gomez) makes it appeal to a wide audience range, but also it’s just so cute and clever. 

I love Selena’s wardrobe, the funny little stab it takes toward true crime podcasts, the short episodes, the banter…it’s just all so good. I can’t wait for season 3 on this one. 

5 Days At Memorial (Apple TV+). I binged this entire thing on my flights to/from New York, and I’ve found myself thinking about it ever since.

5 Days At Memorial is a dramatization of true story based on the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It’s about the medical staff at Memorial hospital, a large central hospital in New Orleans that was completely surrounded by water after the hurricane. While the story line is fascinating (a medical staff trying to care for hundreds of patients without electricity, running water, or really any help of any kind), the second half of the show is what really sticks.. 

It’s the story of the legal battle after several of the medical staff are suspected of euthanizing patients on the 5th and final day when they realized they didn’t have a way to get them out and the patients would otherwise slowly die if they were left on their own. 

It’s heavy. It’s incredibly thought provoking. Oh, and it’s based on a 2013 book of the same name, which I’m now really tempted to read. 

One of the things this show really got me thinking about was how different natural disasters were back in 2005 before we had social media and smart phones. (Just a thought that went through my head many times while I was binging this show.)


Hacks (HBO). If you need a fun and short comedy, this one is adorable! I found it when I was looking at Emmy 2022 winners and saw it had a bunch of wins. I figured I’d give it a try. 

Kind of like Only Murders In The Building, I love the mix of old/new cast members (Jean Smart is an icon, and Hannah Einbinder is so hilarious), and this show just gets funnier and funnier each episode. 

Honestly, I was shocked to hear there will be a season 3! Not because it’s not worth it (it is!!) but because season 2 wrapped up so nicely and I figured they would leave it there… 

Eat The Rich (Netflix). This one is a mini three-part docuseries about the GameStop stock craziness of 2021. 

If you don’t know about it, it was basically a sudden spike in GameStop stock when the company was about to go bankrupt. It’s about the Redditors who bet against the hedge-fund managers who had bet against GameStop…and the whole thing spirals out of control when Elon Musk tweets “GAMESTONK!” 

I mean…basically, the entire story is absolutely fascinating and so absurd, and I can hardly believe it’s the world we live in! I actually learned a few things from it, but mostly it’s just a highly entertaining documentary. 

Succesion (HBO). This is one of the best shows I have EVER watched in my entire life!! I’m absolutely dying for season 4’s release date (they’re predicting early 2023 right now). 

It’s smart. It’s hilarious. The characters are so clever and unique and memorable. The acting is top notch. 

I will say: it takes a few episodes to really get into it. (Like 3 or 4.) But if you can stick with it, I really think this is one of the greatest shows on tv right now! 

Ok, do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear. 

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10 months ago

Oh this is so fun! Thanks for the suggestions. Also, if you haven’t watched Loot on Apple TV yet, it’s really good. Kind of reminds me of what you said about hacks because it’s short episodes and so funny!

Shruthi S.
Shruthi S.
10 months ago

Ted Lasso for sure! You’ve watched it, right? If not be sure to add it to your list!!

10 months ago

Thanks for the recommendations! I loved Hacks, only murders in the building and succesion so pretty sure we have similar taste and I will love the others too! 🙂

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