My Life Lately {Vol 2}

Hi Wednesday. Here we are.

I have a bunch of random tidbits from life to show you today. Ready?

^ Lol at this. Milo tripped and had the world’s tiniest scrape on his knee. We’re talking teeny tiny.

He asked for a bandaid, and then another, and then another. I pick my battles and so he was given all of the bandaids.

Until his leg looked like this. Oh heavens. (I’m pretty sure none of the bandaids actually covered his scrape.)

I shared about it on this reel on instagram, but I went to visit Este last weekend, and it was PHENOMENAL. Easily one of the best Austin restaurants I’ve visited all year!

From the beautiful ambiance to the exceptional food and the attentive, interesting, helpful staff, Este totally knocked it out of the park in every regard.

I can’t wait to go back. Until then I’m just swooning over everything they post to their instagram. Anyone want to go with me so I can go back? Or maybe I’ll just dine solo. šŸ˜‰

On Sunday we celebrated Nate’s dad’s birthday with brunch at Vista! Happy birthday to Papa!

Dayton just sat on his lap for about 30 minutes. He had his little hand resting on Papa’s shoulder and he was so content to just sit there and watch the conversation happening in front of him. Adorable. (And very, very rare.)

Woohoo! Birthdays mean CAKE!

So blurry because…I don’t actually know why. All I know is I was up in the morning with Dayton and he was enjoying his big brother’s soccer goal before Milo woke up.

Speaking of Milo, this kid is doing so great at his Emler lessons!

You know what’s not great? Trying to get myself and two boys dressed in a tiny changing room. We struggle…every single week. It’s just a stage of life, right? Right?

Wow..I am KILLING it with the quality pics this week. šŸ˜‰ Ha! Sorry for the blurriness, y’all! I snapped a few very quick pictures while we were putting up our tree last week. The boys were absolutely precious in their matching mickey pjs.

Milo was SO excited to help decorate this year! Dayton had to go upstairs to bed after 5 minutes, but Milo got to stay up with mommy and daddy and put all of the ornaments on the tree.

He took his task very seriously and learned how to untwist the string, loop it over the branch, and make sure it was sturdy. He was mostly concerned about Dayton reaching them and would ask me or Nate to pick him up so he could hang the ornaments a little bit higher.

And I’ll leave you with this precious face. These days are so, so sweet. Xx.

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