Friday Five (2/3/23)

Hi hi! I’m taking a quick break from Disney Cruise recaps to pop in with a quick Friday Five post…

This week has been all sorts of wonky/crazy. How about you? If you live in Austin, I’m guessing you’re in the same boat! We got back from our Disney Cruise on Monday evening, and the crazy ice storm hit Austin that night. It’s been 3 snow days for AISD so everyone has been hunkered down inside.

As I’m writing this, there are currently ice chunks raining down in my yard as the trees start to defrost. We lost at least a dozen branches off of our beautiful live oak trees. (SOB!!)

The boys have been going stir crazy inside, and Nate and I are both anxious to FINALLY get back to work and tackle those email inboxes after being out-of-office last week on the Disney Dream ship!

Phew. Anyway, I have a Friday Five post to share with you today!


Peloton Review

Ok, this is the thing I’ve been reeeaally loving lately! It’s little fitness thing that’s been bringing me a lot of joy, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until recently…

I’ve shared a lot about our Peloton lately, because it’s been one of my favorite fitness hacks every since becoming a mom to two and having limited hours in my day to squeeze in a workout. 

Did you know they have programs you can follow? For a full year I just randomly chose classes to take each day…but they have 4- or 5- or 8-week programs! 

I recently finished a 5 week Power Zone program. Each week had 3 set classes (you can do them on any day of the week, but you have to finish all 3 classes before the next week begins) and they’re each with a different instructor, so it doesn’t get boring. 

I don’t know, but there’s something about it that was SO motivating to me. I felt so excited to get on the bike and do those 45 or 60-minute rides instead of the normal 20 or 30-minute rides that I’ll do when I’m just randomly selecting a class. 

They have programs for strength, weights, abs, outdoor running, marathon training, learning to ride the Peloton…all sorts of stuff! 

Is this exciting to anyone else?! Haha.

I just found it so wonderful. Btw, the Peloton app is available, even if you don’t have a bike! You can do the programs for yoga, pilates, weight lifting, abs, stretching, and more, all without owning a Peloton. 


I got these high-waisted shorts as an alternative to the typical Lululemon running shorts I usually wear, and I’m amazed by the quality! They have zipper pockets, a built-in liner, and a thick, comfortable elastic waistband. 

I wore them on the cruise s a quick-dry pair of shorts to pull over my swimsuits, but I plan to use them as running shorts back in Austin. 

Anyway, they’re just $23 and they come in 32 colors! (Ha…too many colors for me so I just went with my standard dark blue, but there are lots of fun ones like hot pink and pretty shades of green.) 


Our Disney Cruise is officially over…but I’m already dreaming of the next one! 

If you missed PART 1 and PART 2 of the recap, go read them! I’ll share the remainder of the trip next week. 

I’m dreaming soooo far ahead, but I’d love to take the boys on a longer Disney Cruise in Europe when they’re a bit older! Yeah…cruises aren’t my ideal way to explore new countries (you only get 8-10 hours at each port before you have to get back on the ship), but for traveling with two toddlers, it’s a pretty convenient way to get a small glimpse into some different countries. 


Welp…sorry to keep harping on the ice storm, y’all! But 12 million people were hit by it and it was SOMETHING. 


Our yard is in shambles. Pretty sure we’ll be spending all weekend cleaning up. 

How are you holding up? Hope you’re safe and warm today. 


Y’all. This is FOR SURE the number 1 show I’ve seen in the last year. 

March 26, baby. (I may or may not have watched the official season 4 trailer five times in a row…) 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you’re looking for me, I’ll most likely be dragging tree branches to the curb and praying for sunshine… 

Chat with you on Monday! XO. 

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