Hello there!

We just got back from our Disney cruise! I’m back in Austin now, but in my mind I’m still here:

!!!!! Me, Nate, both of my parents, and the boys had so much fun. Seriously. It was a smashing success and I can’t wait to do another cruise with the fam! I got back and found myself researching various ships/itineraries/destinations ALREADY. Ha.

Can’t wait to share all the pics and details. We had a long travel day back home yesterday, so this morning I’m up bright and early to get a little head start on caffeinating and doing a load of laundry before my babies wake up.

Short and sweet today as I get my life back together, but I’ll be back here tomorrow! I’ll chat with you then. Just wanted to stop by and quickly say hi.

PS: stay safe when you’re driving out there, Austin! It’s pretty chilly and those overpasses get icy…hope you stay warm and cozy and safe today. Xo.

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