My Life Lately {Vol 7}

Friends! I’m currently heading to the airport with my family to jump on a flight to…somewhere warm and beach-y! I’ll share some updates on instagram, so feel free to hang out with me over there. I’ll be back to blog world on Tuesday, Jan 31 so that I can fully unplug and stay present with my fam. But first, here’s quick little peak into my life lately:

^ A date night with Nate! We checked out Dovetail Pizza, a new neighborhood spot in Bouldin Creek. It’s so funny…this little restaurant has been 5 different concepts since I’ve been in Austin. I really hope this place does well!

They do these oval shaped pizzas, but they cut them in normal pizza wedges (but kind of criss-cross.) I tried their white pie, and it was awesome!

It’s marketed as a family-friendly neighborhood spot, so there were lots of babies and kids there. A dad came in and sat at the bar with his toddler. It was so cute.

So we ate dinner at Dovetail, and then we went across the street to…

Kelly’s Irish Bar! This is in the old Winebelly spot (RIP…but thank goodness there are still lots of other amazing wine bars in Austin.) It was a fun spot! I’ve never been to Ireland, so I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but it is owned by an Irish guy (I think that’s who was at the front when we walked in? He had a very strong Irish accent!) and they do a really good Guinness pour. They have some Irish entrees, like shepherds pie, fish and chips, and Irish stew.

^ I got a few days of one-on-one time with this little love! Nate flew up to Ohio with Milo to see Nate’s grandparents, so Dayton and I got to hang out at home in Austin.

^ I’m forever creeping on my children while they sleep.

^Ok, I found this BEFORE picture from Dayton’s nursery…y’all!

Colorful Baby Boy Nursery Design

Did you check out the before/after blog post? I am still just so in love with his sweet little room.

^Happy hour with Grace.

We went to Rosie’s wine bar in Clarksville.

^ In a baking mood lately. Full disclosure: I ate more of the cookie dough than I did of the actual cookies. This cookbook is soooo good.

These wings are from the same cookbook! The little lemon wedges get all charred and chewy and they taste soooo delicious with those easy sheet pan wings.

^ This boy is always coloring/doing art! He loves coloring books and sticker books, and one of his favorite thing right now is to “write letters” and put them in “enelopes” and address them to family members.

^ And one final spot I’ve checked out lately: caviar and cocktails and hot dogs and disco music at Howards.

Have a fantastic week! I’m off to soak up some sunshine and magic. I’ll be back here next Tuesday! Xo.



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