One Year Later…I Changed My Mind About The Peloton

Peloton Review (from a busy mom)

Do you have a peloton?

We’ve had a Peloton in our house for a year now, and I can confidently say I am full-on HOOKED. Although, I truly never expected to love it as much as I do.

I feel like more of my friends have one of these bikes than don’t, which is a true testament to the company. Of course, we all know that the Peloton became super popular in the height of the pandemic in 2020 when everyone was forced to workout at home, but it’s been around much longer than that.

Peloton Review (from a busy mom)

The Peloton is an at-home spin class with a high tech bike + a monitor attached where you can stream live classes (and a whole library of pre-recorded classes) of all styles of workouts. They offer everything from high intensity rides to beginner rides, and the instructors are high-energy and high-intensity, so even if you don’t want to be riding that day you can feed off their energy. The app also features workouts like yoga, strength, barre, stretching, and bootcamp classes. 

Back in 2021 when Nate and I were on our babymoon #2 at a nearby spa and resort, they had 2 Pelotons in the workout room. We decided to try it out and hopped on for a 20 minute ride and we were both DRIPPING in sweat by the end of it…but in the best way! Like a good, happy, endorphin-filled sweat sesh that honestly flew by. 

Peloton Review

How we decided to get a peloton

We actually got our Peloton for Nate. After all of his leg surgeries from the car accident, he wasn’t able to run and he didn’t want to go cycling outside, but indoor cycling was a great option for him (not a lot of pressure on his ankle joint, and minimal risk of falling/injury.) He decided that a Peloton would be a good workout for him, so we got the bike at the end of 2021. 

(Me? I honestly didn’t think I’d use it all that much. I’ve always told myself that I’m not an at-home workout person and I truly love being in a studio with a bunch of other people. I figured it would be nice to have in the house to use occasionally, but I wouldn’t be on it very frequently.) 

Peloton Review (from a busy mom)

My hesitation about Peloton

After being a member at a barre studio for about 3+ years, I was hooked on in-person workouts. My body literally changed before my eyes at The Barre Code. My arms became more toned, my torso got leaner, and my abs showed for the first time in my life! I work harder and more efficiently when I’m in a studio because A) no distractions, and B) no distractions. Oh, and also, there are no distractions. Those 50 minute classes at my barre studio were pure grit and gold. I would tuck and shake and move “down an inch, up an inch” and stay 100% in the zone until my muscles were fully fatigued, and then when the class was over I’d hop in the car and head home to move on with my day. 

My honest Peloton review

I didn’t expect to love Peloton because I figured I would get too distracted with trying to take classes at home. 

And honestly…I do get distracted sometimes.

But generally, those Peloton workouts are SO engaging and fun that I stay in it! My favorite workout is a “stack,” which is when you do multiple classes in a row. I love a 20 or 30 minute HIIT or Tabata ride followed by a 10 minute arms/shoulders or core strength class, and then maybe a 5 minute stretch. 

Peloton Review

The Peloton fits into my life so easily. 

It’s actually just in a corner of our playroom, with toys scattered nearby. Nothing fancy, but it works!

Here’s why Peloton is worth it to me

For starters, this isn’t a cheap workout bike. It costs thousands of dollars in addition to the monthly membership fee to stream the classes. But here’s why I truly love it right now: 

(1) It’s one of the only at-home workouts I’ve done where I WORK. I mean, I work, y’all. I am dripping sweat at the end of a 20 minute workout, which isn’t something I get from a random youtube workout. I’ve tried different workout apps and such, and I never stay in them for long because I just get bored and I don’t feel like I’m motivated to actually do the work. 

But with Peloton, there’s something about the entire structure of it that makes me excited. For starters, it’s a community (you can see who else is riding with you, the part of the world they’re in, and their username and gender/age) and it’s fun to give high fives during a ride. Also, like I mentioned before, the instructors are fire. They are SO good. Even if I’m having a down “meh’ day, they get me up and going and excited. They show up in full makeup and full energy and fun workout outfits, so the entire thing just feel bright and energetic and FUN! Also, the challenges they do each month make me excited to show up. I’ve said this before: I’ll do pretty much anything for my gold star on the sticker chart. Maybe it’s my inner enneagram 3, but if there’s an external task to accomplish, I will go for it. 

(2) I’ve stayed consistent with this workout as a busy mom. I had high hopes of joining a studio, like Orange Theory or a nearby barre studio, after I finished breastfeeding Dayton and had a bit more time to myself. But even without the time restraints of breastfeeding, my days are full. 

Two little boys = a lot of out of me, and so taking off for a full hour workout (+ 30 minutes before and after to change, drive, shower, etc, so basically 2 hours out of my morning) isn’t a way I want to spend time right now. 

I absolutely love that I can carve out 20 minutes for a ride and feel amazing afterward. Heck, I’ve even done a 5 minute strength class on my busiest day and instantly feel energized! I don’t think this is what I want to do forever (after all, I still really do love in-person studio workouts), but right now while I have a young family, I’m amazed at how well this works. 

(3) So. Many. Freaking. Options. The class options go on for days and days! Since they’re constantly recording new workouts, and since there’s a library of classes from years and years before I joined, there are literally thousands of classes available for me in every category. 

I love that I can get super specific (20 minute Ally Love tabata ride) and there will still be dozens of classes I haven’t taken yet. 

Peloton Review

My favorite peloton instructors (right now)

These are my favorite right now, but honestly…the list is always changing based on my mood. 

When I want to work crazy hard on the bike: ROBIN

When I just want a happy bike ride: LEANNE

When I want a good core workout: EMMA

When I want a killer 10 minute arm class: TUNDE

My favorite yoga instructor: ROSS

Peloton Review

Obviously there are so many others, but I won’t bore you. Once you’re on the platform and try out a few instructors, you find the ones that you jive with. Sometimes it’s funny when I’m talking about peloton instructors with my friends because someone will say “I loooove so-and-so” and someone else will say “really? I can’t stand her! I love XYX instructrors the best.” It’s a personal preference, because each instructor has a different personality and their own teaching style. 

Super curious which instructors you enjoy?

Peloton Review (from a busy mom)

PS: they also have an app, and you don’t need a peloton bike to use that! It’s $12.99 per month, and they have strength classes, yoga, guided outdoor runs, stretching, cool downs, and a ton of other stuff.

And the price might seem like a lot for a bunch of online classes until you get going, and then you see that community is unlike anything other virtual workout space. So good. I think there’s a 30 day free trial, too, so you can just try it out!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Peloton, you’re welcome to use this code so you get $100 of free Peloton gear like some cycling shoes, dumbbells, or yoga blocks!

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1 year ago

Oh have you tried Kirra for yoga? She’s my favorite. She’s really fun and upbeat. Definitely my favorite yoga peloton instructor. I don’t have the bike, but I use the app for yoga classes pretty often.

Jess B
Jess B
1 year ago

SO thrilled you finally joined the cult! 😉 I personally love Cody for just a mindless workout…his one-liners crack me up, and it makes the class go by so quickly! I do ride with Robin a lot too. I’m not riding a ton these days, but would love to join you for a (non-tabata) ride soon!

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