My Favorite New Christmas Albums 2022

My Favorite Christmas Albums of 2022

I grew up in a family that was strictly “Christmas after Thanksgiving.” This is the way it was done. (And actually mostly still is at my parent’s house!) And while I looove Thanksgiving (it’s my favorite single holiday!) I absolutely love the entire Christmas season and I celebrate early. Because I’m an adult and I can. 😉 

Do you know what I mean? Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day, but it’s not a season. There’s not a surplus of Thanksgiving music and Thanksgiving activities, and except for the 2-3 days of cooking and eating and family time and expressing gratitude and Turkey Trotting and football games, it’s not a long season. 

But Christmas decor and music makes me soooo so happy! And if I can enjoy it for 2 months instead of 1, I will. So a couple years ago I started putting my tree up in early Nov and cranking the holiday tunes and lighting peppermint candles in early Nov. 

Which brings me to the point….

What are your favorite new holiday albums of 2022?

Here are a few I’ve been listening to!

1. Thomas Rhett Merry Christmas, Y’all EP

Oh I wish this was longer than 4 songs! It’s so good! This is coming from someone who’s not a true country music fan… 

I mean, I’ll listen to it from time to time. And I love a country music concert and old classic country. 

This EP is not super country country. I mean, it has a country music feel to it, but it’s not all steel guitar and banjo or anything like that. It’s just happy! And I super wish he would release a full length Christmas album…

2. Alicia Keys Santa Baby

OH MY GOSH Alicia Keys finally has a Christmas album. I am over the moon excited about this one. I’ve already listened to bunches of times, and it’s just so sultry and moody and good. 

Perfect album to have on in the background while you enjoy a glass of wine and charcuterie board with your boo after the kids go to bed. 

3. Backstreet Boys A Very Backstreet Christmas

Aaahhh! So many fun new Christmas albums for 2022! The Backstreet Boys released their first holiday album a mere 26 years after their first boy band album.

It’s pop, it’s light, it’s fun, it is exactly what the album cover says: A VERY Backstreet Christmas.

Sometimes Milo asks me to turn on Christmas music, but he’s really specific about what qualifies as Christmas music… 

(For instance: I tried to turn on a Harry Connick Jr. album, because his 3 holiday albums are my very favorite every year, and Milo was like “THAT’S NOT CHRISTMAS MUSIC.” I don’t know, ya’ll…)

Any way, Milo didn’t complain about Backstreet Boys at all. I guess this qualifies as “true Christmas music” to my 3-year-old. 

4. Switchfoot This Is Our Christmas Album

Ok, in a shocking turn of events…I love this one. Haha. I don’t know, but for some reason the “California beachy vibes” don’t really do it for me for Christmas tunes, so I didn’t expect to love this one..

…but it’s so good. 

I will say that I don’t like the first song (not very Christmas-y) and so I almost gave up on the album from the beginning. But after that first track, almost all of the rest of it great.

Ok, any holiday albums you’re loving this year? Like I mentioned, Harry Connick Jr. will forever have my heart during the holiday season. I’ve listened to his albums so many times! 

What about Christmas albums you hate? Haha. I just can’t do Pentatonix or Lindsey Stirling. Can’t. Do. It.

(Oh wait, I lied. Pentatonix “Hallelujah” is beautiful. But other than that I can’t listen to their Christmas music.)

PS: a bunch of holiday activities in Austin for 2022, if you’re interested! 

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