Are Cadence Capsules Worth It? Here’s My Review

my review of cadence capsules Build Your 12

Are Cadence Capsules Worth it?

You’ve probably seen these hexagon-shaped travel containers all over social media. Their branding is soooo good, and they claim to be leak-proof, TSA-approved, magnetic, made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, and a super handy way to save valuable luggage space. And after buying 4 sets of them (YES, CONFESSION: I’ve bought FOUR sets..) I want to share a cadence capsule review. Because my question before I splurged on them was… are Cadence capsules worth it? 

Are Cadence Capsules worth it?

Just like probably many of you, I was hit with social media ads for these cute travel containers about a year ago. They looked pretty functional and fun, but I put it in my “someday, maybe” wish list.

Fast forward to Christmas, and I bought a “honeycomb” (that’s what they call a set of 6 of the hexagon-shaped travel containers) for my husband.

I tried Cadence Capsules - here's my review

Well, he loved them, and I ended up stealing them for my own weekend getaways before I realized that I should probably invest in my own set.

(My hair was smelling like men’s conditioner…not a bad thing.)

But since my skin care routine is a bit more…robust than Nate’s, I went for the 12-pack honeycomb.

I’ve since bought them as gifts for two other people, equalling four different sets of Cadence capsules.

Cadence Capsules review!

What Are Cadence Capsules?

They’re these chic, compact, magnetic refillable containers that are uniquely shaped to fit together to take up the smallest amount of space in your luggage as possible. 

>>You can use them to hold your liquids, pills, small jewelry, or whatever else you want. 

>>They have tightly-fitted lids that screw on to make sure the travel containers don’t leak in your bag.

Minimal travel idea for toiletries

The amount of space my toiletries took up BEFORE…

^ and AFTER.

Why Are Cadence Capsules So Great?

Ok, so this was my question too! What’s going to make me spend this much money on a set of travel containers when I could just go to the dollar store? 

I did a pretty deep dive into these before I took the plunge to buy them. Now that I’ve used them for a year, I can tell you these things based on my own experience:

my review of cadence capsules Build Your 12

Not cheap, but they’re still my favorite purchase of the year.

Cadence offers 10% off your first purchase, and free shipping on most orders. 

(1) They hardly take up any space in my luggage! Since they’re hexagon-shaped (flat edges that press together to make a honeycomb shape) and magnetic, they make a tiny little pallet that fits into my carry-on bag or suitcase easily. The capsules’ magnets are pretty strong, but they won’t hurt any of your electronics. 

Even though I’ve bought small travel containers in the past, I’ve never found anything else remotely as functional as these. I’m not kidding when I tell you my toiletries take up about 10% the amount of space they used to.

In fact, traveled without a suitcase (only an under-the-seat duffle) on this trip! I could have paid the $50 for carry-on luggage, but I thought it would be fun to see how minimal I could pack instead. My Cadence capsules made it easy. 

(2) They’re durable. I’ve bought a bunch of travel containers in the past…which isn’t a good thing. That means they leak, crack, fall apart, or just start to look dingy. So I toss them, buy more, and repeat. ($ over a few decades and lots of single-use plastic hurting the world.) 

These little babies are strong, leak-proof, and go in the dishwasher. On a recent trip, I accidentally dripped some face wash on the outside of a container, and it felt kind of sticky. So when I unpacked from the trip I just popped that Cadence capsule in the dishwasher and it came out as good as new. 

Cadence Capsules

(3) They use ocean-bound plastic to make these containers. Again, I’ve used my fair share of travel containers in my life…so I like that I can make a small contribution to Mother Earth by buying something that’s not hurting her as much. 

20% of the plastic in my Cadence containers is plastic that would have ended up in the ocean. And another 30% is recycled scraps from manufacturing. 

(4) Female-owned company that gives back. I believe that what you put out is what you get back, so I’m happy to spend my dollars on a company that’s doing good things. Karma, baby.  

Cadence Capsules
Cadence Capsules Review

Honestly, the design aesthetic is what draws you in, and then the functionality is what keeps you around. I mean, just look at all of those beautiful colors! 

The creator of Cadence calls it the “Cadence calm.” It’s knowing that the product you buy will create a deep sense of joy, because it delivers on every single one of its promises. It’s a purchase that just feels good.

how many cadence capsules fit in a quart size bag?

Just glance at their website and you’ll see the beautiful modular travel systems, designed in a way that’s so much fun. 

They have them packaged in gorgeous colors, in names like “terracotta” and “sand” and “pacific.” They’re all so yummy.

As I’m writing this, they have a limited edition called Golden Hour Collection with three colors made to mimic sunlight: 5 pm, 6 pm, and 7 pm. Did you feel your shoulders relax a bit too, or was that just me? Must be the “Cadence calm” we all just felt. 😉 

Cadence Capsules

But really, y’all…they’re just so lovely. The “build-your-own” pack is what I purchased each time. You can select individual colors or build a honeycomb all in one shade. 

After you choose a color, you can choose a label for each one. Those are also magnetic tiles, which are easily replaceable if you change your mind on what you want to put in that container and want new labels. Or, use a logo, like a heart or a water droplet, so you can change  what’s inside the container without worrying tha the logo on top won’t work. It is whatever you say it is!

Are Cadence Capsules TSA Approved?

Yes, Cadence capsules are TSA approved. At only 0.56 ounces, they’re well below the 3.4 ounce limit, so yes, they’re totally tsa-compliant. And I can tell you, from experience, that since they’re all magnetic and teeny tiny, going through airport security has never been easier. 

I mean, they’re quite a bit smaller than standard travel size. Ridiculously smaller. I thought they’d be too small. When I first purchased them, I was just like “whyyyy in the world would they make these so small?!” And then I realized why. 

Why Are They So Small??

Cadence Capsules review!

^ I used to pack the 1.7 oz bottle of sunscreen .Now I bring the tiny Cadence capsule, which uses a lot less space. 

Coming from someone who was originally bit annoyed at this, I can tell you exactly why they’re so small: 

Because you don’t actually need them to be very big. And when they’re tiny like this, the amount of space they take up in your luggage is minimal. 

Think of the things you might use on a daily basis: nighttime cream, vitamin C serum, facial sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner…you typically don’t need 3+ ounces of those things to get through a weekend. Or even a week. 

When I fill my capsules before a trip, I put in exactly what I’ll use. I know I use two pumps of sunscreen on my face each morning, so I’ll put about 6 pumps into my sunscreen container (maybe a bit extra for safety.)

Are Cadence Capsules worth it?
Are Cadence Capsules worth it?

How Much Do They Hold?

Definitely take a look at the website to see what Cadence says, if you want, but here’s what I’ve found. 

– about a week’s worth of eye makeup remover, face cleaner, and supplements

– 2 uses of shampoo/conditioner. I wash my hair every 3 days, so this would be 1 weeks’ worth of shower stuff. 

– one use of body lotion. I guess I use a lot of body lotion? 

– 3-4 days of toothpaste

I’ve used my capsules on a 4 day/4 night trip and it was perfect. For a longer trip, I’d probably be checking a bag anyway, so I’d put serums/small stuff in the capsules and put my full-size shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste in my checked luggage. 

Here's Why Cadence Capsules Are Worth The Cost

I tried Cadence Capsules - here's my review

I was about to hit “purchase” on my pack of 12 capsules and then stopped and looked at the price… and thought I hope this is worth it!

And it is. Because here’s the scenario: 

It’s the night before a trip, and you’re traveling carry-on only to avoid the $80 round-trip fee to check a bag. You’re packing 4 mismatched 3-oz travel containers, plus a mini toothpaste your dentist gave you. So you run to Target and buy a travel size shampoo/conditioner ($3.99 each, plus tax) and you also grab a 3-oz leave-in conditioner ($8) while you’re there. And while you’re there you spend $34 on some other random Target stuff. Shhh..

You don’t pack the nonessentials (toner? that can stay home. serums? take a weekend off.) but during the trip your hair kind of behaves weird because of the off-brand shampoo, and you get home and your skin is dry because you skipped out on your regular face cream. 

I know you know what I’m talking about! Right??

Are Cadence Capsules worth it?
Are Cadence Capsules worth it?

The reason I’ve been convincing so many of my friends and family to get these is because it has made my packing/unpacking so seamless. 

I keep my containers together in a travel bag. Before a trip, I just unscrew the tops and add to any of them that are empty, and drop it in my carry-on bag. I’ve never had a spill, and because I chose my own label for each one, I know exactly where to find my toiletries when I get to my destination. 

I have the Build-Your-12, and I use it to hold my

>>supplements, cleanser, shampoo/conditioner and body wash, face moisturizer, makeup remover, and a few other personal care product favorites.<<

What I Don't Like About Cadence Capsules

They only come in one (small) size. While they hold more than you think, I find that I still have to bring a larger container for products like body lotion, body sunscreen, and hand cream. I do wish they sold a larger size. I’d buy about 3-4 of those to accompany my 12 small ones. 

A lot of people will say they’re too expensive. I disagree. I know they seem like a luxury, not a necessity…but like I mentioned, when you look at what you’ll spend over 2 decades of travel and buying lots of travel-sized containers, or running to Sephora to get the small size of your favorite products (not to mention the annoyance of having to make an extra errand the night before a trip!), the $14 price tag is easily absorbed. 

It is sooooo easy to pack for a trip when I just grab my full-size products of whatever I already love to use on my hair and skin, and pour a bit into these cadence travel capsules.

Cadence Capsules Review

How They've Made Traveling Easier For Me

Oh my gosh, my favorite part! Nate and I both use these now, and the night before a trip when we’re packing we’re both like, “that was easy.” Haha! 

We both agree on this one: packing toiletries is the worst part of packing for a trip, and Cadence has taken away almost all of my pain points. 

For starters, I’m not packing the tiny bottles of serums and gels and lotions anymore. You know what I’m talking about, those 1.8 ounce bottles in your cabinet that you just toss in your luggage the morning of a trip? I used to wait until I had done my morning skincare routine and then I had to remember to pack those items. Now I just put a few drops of those into my Cadence capsules, pack everything the night before, and zip up my bag. 

Also, I don’t have to think “did I remember to grab everything?” because I have the 12 capsules I need with labels on them. They’re magnetic, so I never lose any of them. 

And finally (my favorite part) since they seal so tightly, I just leave products in there between trips. So if I didn’t use any of that expensive conditioner, I can leave it in the container and use it next month when I travel again. It doesn’t dry up or get gross.

Cadence Capsules Build Your 6

Questions about Cadence Capsules:

How many Cadence capsules fit in a quart size bag? 

For starters, do you even need to put your liquids in plastic bags anymore? Real question. Feel free to leave a comment if you know. I haven’t for the last 12 months or so because they never ask me to take them out. 

BUT if you want to strictly follow the rules on TSA’s website, you can fit 12 Cadence capsules in a quart size bag.

how many cadence capsules fit in a quart size bag?

Can I personalize my capsules? 

Yes, and this is probably one of my favorite things about them. 🙂 They’re a vibe. They’re beautiful and fun and just make me feel so happy. 

You can choose your own color (I got a combination of terracotta, sand, and petal…swoon!) and then you choose your own label. 

They have standard labels, including about 20 icons (a heart, lips, a flower, a droplet, etc) and pre-made words (basics like “shampoo” or “face exfoliator” or “hair gel” or “contact solution.”) And for $3 extra you can make a custom label. 

Are Cadence capsules heavy? 

They weigh 1.5 oz when they’re empty. According to the website, that’s about as much as a small lime. They definitely feel solid (more than a cheap flimsy plastic bottle) but I wouldn’t say that they’re “heavy.” 

How do you clean Cadence capsules? 

They’re dishwasher safe and truly a breeze to clean. I mean it! Just unscrew the lid (I like to take the tile label off the top, which is attached magnetically) and put the container and lid in the dishwasher. 

Talk to me about the magnetic tops…

The tops are magnetic, just like the containers. So when you unscrew the top, you can attach it to the side of the container. 

You can pour/dip/grab whatever you need and the lid won’t roll away. Then you screw it back on. 

Cadence Capsules review!

Final verdict

Haha…do we actually need this part? 😉 Sorry for being such a weirdo about my obsession with these. It’s just that I’ve shared them with so many of my friends now, and I feel like it’s my duty to share it with my internet community, too! I know you’re going to love these! 

So excuse the Cadence missionary role I just took on. Ha! 

Final verdict is this: Cadence capsules are 100% worth it if you feel that you’re willing to trade money for more time, ease of travel, reduction in plastic waste, and good vibes. (<- which I believe are absolutely worth it because they scientifically change how we go about our lives and the results we get.)

my review of cadence capsules Build Your 12

Whether you’re just hearing about these for the first time, or you’ve seen them and been a bit scared to take the leap and purchase them, I hope that this Cadence review was helpful! 

I know that we’re heading into the holiday season, and everyone is always searching for fun gift ideas that are a little bit unique – I really feel like this one fits the bill. Wanted to share my thoughts with you before the big shopping season hits us. 🙂 

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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Kris Leyton
Kris Leyton
1 year ago

I’m glad you shared about these because I’ve been hit with ads too! haha. Oh, instagram. I need a fun gift idea for my father-in-law and these could be a good option. Thank you!

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