A Quick Weekend Trip To Chicago

weekend in Chicago

I went on a very (very!) quick trip to Chicago recently. I have a group of college friends that I meet up with every 12 months or so, and this year we decided to hang out in Chicago.

I absolutely LOVE a solo trip. Give me a long flight, a new book, and a pack of movie theater candy any day. 

Since it was a Friday evening flight, I got to the airport a little bit early to do what I do best…

I enjoyed some craft beer.

You know what’s fun? Being an adult and getting to drink adult beverages before boarding an airplane.

Pure fun right there, folks. 

We woke up on Saturday morning and munched on this big tray of pastries that Hannah had gotten for us. She went to four different Chicago bakeries and selected a bunch of goodies. Talk about speaking my love language! 

My freshman year roommate! We were randomly put together in a dorm room when we were both just barely 18 years old. I love this friendship so much. 

Do you know what we did on this weekend in Chicago? We talked. 

Because when you’re in your thirties and you get a quiet weekend away from the kids, that’s what you want to do. 

We made coffee and sat in the dining  room and talked, and then we moved to the living room and talked, and then we went on a walk and talked some more. 

…and then we went to a brewery and talked some more! 

It was still really hot in Austin when I went on this trip, so the afternoon sunshine in Chicago was a nice change of pace from the scorching Texas heat. 

Dinner out was at the fabulous Bungalow by Middle Brow. You might be surprised to learn that we enjoyed a long, leisurely dinner where we sat around and…talked.  

Mmmm! The bread + cultured butter + honey was so delish. 

We spent some time going out to the Chicago suburbs, where one friend in this group lives, so we could meet all of her four (!!!) little ones. 

It’s very odd to be the adults now. We met when we were teenagers in college, and now we’re the ones with children and jobs and mortgages.

Life is so much more “real” now. Rather than discussing which cute college boy we had a crush on or the woes of research papers and labs, heavier things are hitting us now: friends who are battling cancer, career changes, difficult family dynamics. 

Here’s what hasn’t changed at all: we all still have our quirks, we love to laugh at/with one another, and we all continue to love and re-meet each other as we evolve into new versions of ourselves. 

Which is one of my favorite parts of long-lasting friendships.

PS: a different weekend in Chicago 6 years ago (one of my first blog posts to write!) and a trip with some of my other favorite girlfriends. 

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1 year ago

Very sweet. I used to live in Chicago! I love Logan Square. I never lived there but I would go often because many of the best restaurant in Chicago are in that area. Looks like a great weekend with friends.

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