My Life Lately {Vol 1}

Good morning, friends! Happy Wednesday to you. What are you up to today? I have a to-do list to tackle and a fun day up ahead of me. A little bit of work, a little bit of time with my two boys (enjoying all of out afternoons outdoors in the October sunshine right now!) and then probably going to watch this show with Nate tonight. But first, I wanted to share a little peek at my life lately:

Playground dates with my littlest one. He’s toddling around and loves to BOLT off in any direction without a moment’s notice (including running straight into the exciting parking lot!) so I’m happy when he sits still for a moment to play with rocks.

He’s wearing Milo’s Austin FC shirt. Feels like we just brought Milo to his first game, and now he’s outgrown his shirt and it’s on his little brother!

Speaking of Milo…

He was my Costco buddy this week. His favorite thing to do is to try out all the sectionals. “No shoes on the couch!”

If you’re curious is the Costco furniture is comfortable, Milo gives it a 5-star rating. “I’m going to nap here all day!”

You know the funny thing? A woman (fellow customer) walked by and gave me a very snarky comment about letting my 2-year-old on the couches. They’re meant to be used, right? I don’t think Costco is trying to keep these sofas in pristine condition by putting them out on the show room floor. And he voluntarily took his shoes off! I just smiled at her. 😉

More entertainment at Costco: Christmas (in the fall.) PS: we bought our 10-foot Christmas tree at Costco last year, and they were sold out by late November. It’s a really great tree! If you’re hoping to get a new one for 2022, be sure to order it soon.

A random weekday craving for the Italian sub at Home Slice. It’s one of my all-time favorite sandwiches in this city!

Their bread is so rich and chewy. I love their meatball sub in the colder months!

I aaalmost went to Otherside Deli for lunch, but it was a beautiful afternoon and I really wanted to soak up those SOCO vibes.

Speaking of South Congress…

…old news, but it still makes me sad that Lucy In Disguise is closing on SOCO. This street has changed so quickly in the past 5 years! There are only a handful of unique, quirky, Austin-y spots left (Home Slice is one of them.) All in all, change and progression is a good thing. Cities have to evolve, and humanity is wired to constantly seek growth. But his amazing costume shop closing its doors is definitely a dagger to the heart. RIP Lucy In Disguise.

From now until December, we’ll be outside pretty much every evening. The weather is sooo beautiful! Milo has been riding his little balance bike all over the place. It’s still one of my favorite purchases.

^ Behind the Long Center with a view of Austin in the background. This was the season opener, and we got to play Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4. Such a rush!

I love playing with the Austin Symphony, but I will say: that rehearsal schedule leaves me exhausted! I don’t get home until 10:30 at night (late for me!) and my alarm clock always seems to come too early. I compensated with some extra caffeine:

The chai concentrate at Trader Joes + steamed whole milk on a cool fall morning. Sure, I’m still wearing sandals and shorts, but at least we’re moving in the right direction.

Two little boys waiting for their dad to get home from work. 🙂 He was bringing a pizza from ABGB with him on this night, so Milo was a *little* bit extra excited.

The world’s cutest laundry helper. I totally don’t mind that it takes 18X as long to fold a load of laundry when he’s “helping” me.

Well, I guess I was craving big, delicious, chewy sandwiches this week! First home slice, and then lox from Wholy Bagel.

My beautiful sister Kylee came to visit us in Austin for a nephew weekend. She is one of my all-time favorite people in this entire world, so any time she texts and says “I’m thinking of coming to Austin ___ weekend to stay with y’all” it’s such a treat. She took Milo to the pool, snuggled with Dayton, and woke up early with the boys so Nate and I could sleep in (one of the rarest treats these days!).

And she came with us to an Austin FC game! We made quick stop at Hop Squad brewery before the game started.

Milo is doing an awesome job at swim lessons. We love Emler! He had a solo lesson when all of his classmates were no shows, so he got to play and sing and splash around with his fun teacher.

A few months ago he sort of back tracked and really hated going under water. But he’s made so much progress lately, and he’ll swim for 10 seconds (covering about 8 feet of distance) underwater with no tears or fighting or toddler negotiations. I’m so proud of him.

Date night with my love! Nate picked Oseyo for this dinner out, and I forgot how much I love this place.

Two boys in matching Mickey pjs.

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately! So happy you stopped by today. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Xx.

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Brandy M.
Brandy M.
1 month ago

Glad to see you mention dOtherside Deli in Austin. It’s one of my favorites here in Austin and not mentioned enough! But homeslice’s sandwich are pretty delicious too. 🙂

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