Friday Five {4/28/23}

summer nights

Hello hello Friday! I feel like my brain is desperately in need of a lazy weekend…and this weekend will not be lazy. Haha! It’s going to be a bit of a go-go-go sort of weekend. But that’s just life right now, and I’m determined to make the most of it. Nothing coffee can’t fix, right? 😉 

Anyhow, here a few random things for your Friday: 

1. Best San Antonio Tacos

best tacos in San Antonio

Y’all! I just published my guide to the best San Antonio tacos. If you’re interested in trying out some reeeaaaally good tacos in SA, be sure to read this guide. 

I ate a ton (a ton!!) of tacos. Literally. One ton. 

(Not literally.) 

But I really did go to so many San Antonio taquerias. My favorite discovery was the San Antonio puffy taco. How did I not know that SA is where they originated back in the 1950s? 

2. Summer?

I think we’re in summer mode over here!

summer nights
Milo and Dayton

Evening bike rides and ice cream on the driveway? Yes please! 

Life keeps getting more and more fun with these two little boys. I have a feeling we have a really fun summer coming up ahead. 

3. Our San Antonio Trip

Did you catch my vacation recaps? I published PART 1 and PART 2 of our San Antonio getaway on the blog this week! 

I love that Nate’s parents are so, so generous and wanted to spend an entire week with our fam of 4. 

I mean, those boys are adorable but they are NOT relaxing. 😉 

PS: I try to recap every single trip I take, from big vacations to little weekend getaways. You can read all of my years and years of vacation recaps on the blog. 

4. Albion discount!

Albion Fit Swim Suit Discount

Remember that my 15% off Albion discount code is good through the end of April! 

Friends, I’m telling you: these swimsuits are dreamy. If you need a new suit for summer 2023, I can’t think of a better brand for beautifully-made, flattering, comfortable swimsuits for all body types. 

I mean, I love them.

My friend in her twenties loves them.

My mom in her sixties love them.

These are timeless swimsuits. 

Use APRILKELS15 to get 15% off your swimsuit!! 

5. A Sweet (Trader Joe's) Ending

A good rule (that I never ever follow): don’t shop hungry at Trader Joe’s. 

I am currently eating my way through this delicious dessert snack. Not sorry at all. 

Have a wonderful weekend, y’alll! Talk to you on Monday!

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