A Week In San Antonio: Part 1

We’re so fortunate that Nate’s parents have invited us to spend time at their San Antonio timeshare condo for two years in a row now! We spent a week with them and had the best time. Here are a trillion pictures that literally only my family will want to see…but I’m sharing them anyway. Enjoy!

Vacation life, baby!

Bacon, coloring, and first day of vacation vibes.

I enjoyed my breakfast in the quite outdoor patio. It only took 45 seconds for both of the boys to find me out here and ask to eat some of the bacon off my plate. 😉

April in San Antonio was beautiful! The pool at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch is heated and the boys spent hours and hours splashing around.

^ Dayton and Papa!

The little beach entrance was a huge hit. Both Milo and Dayton spent most of their pool time running in and out of the water right here.

He is a snack. My sweet sweet baby Dayton.

Hot tub time! This child surprised me by wanting to get in the hot tub and swimming around for 5-10 minutes! In April the weather is perfect for both swimming and the pool and lounging in the hot tub.

Kyky came down to San Antonio for a couple days with us, too! The boys loved having their auntie there!

Oh my heart…look at Milo’s little face. He calls the lazy river the “crazy river” and I won’t ever correct him. I hope he calls it that forever.

Raise you hand if you forgot to pack sand toys and utilized an old plastic cup instead…

Ooof, y’all! See that giant caterpillar? They were everywhere at the resort, and it turns out they STING! Both Kylee and Milo accidentally stepped on one that was buried in the sand and said it was so painful.

(But nothing that some ice cubes and cold pool water can’t fix.)

We enjoyed a couple nights of s’mores! Nate’s mom was soooo wonderful and packed literally everything, including all the supplies for meals, desserts, s’mores nights, toys for my kids…it was the easiest trip ever. I basically just threw the boys stuff in the car and drove down to San Antonio. S’more were a crowd pleaser and Milo asked to repeat them multiple times throughout the trip.

^ Deconstructed s’mores for this baby.

Family time…my happy place!

I will always be the girl who burns her marshmallow on purpose to get A) a yummy charred taste and B) instant gratification. Get that s’more in mah belly, stat.

^ I believe he has now moved on to the chocolate portion of his deconstructed s’more.

^ Not going to share all the pictures and details (head to TheSanAntonioThings.com for that!), but I went to SO many great restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops in San Antonio during this trip!

Shotgun House Roasters had been on my SA coffee shop list, and I loved it. One of my favorite coffee shops in San Antonio for sure.

I asked Kylee if she wanted to go to lunch with me, and she said yes. And then I asked if she’d be willing to go to TWO taco spots for lunch, and she said also said yes. Bless you, Ky.

Henry’s Puffy Tacos: you are delicious.

Tacos and Chelas was also so, so good!

When the boys needed a break from the pool, there was an awesome indoor kids club for them, too.

^ Post-taco cardio. Oof.

It’s all a blur, but I’m telling you that this child lived in the pool throughout our week in San Antonio!

He’s such a little swimmer these days!

This one, too! It’s so crazy to se the difference from last year’s stay in San Antonio to this year. Dayton has changed so, so much.

Brothers on vacation!

Grammy also got some ice cream and chocolate-dipped cones for post-dinner dessert. I tried to keep Dayton as clean as possible by removing his pants before he ate…

…but joke’s on me because I really should have removed his shirt too.

^ Dayton and I enjoyed a lazy morning at home together one day! Grammy took Milo to Legoland in downtown San Antonio while Dayton and I had a stroller/podcast walk and went to a coffee shop together.

I rarely get one-on-one time with this kid. Back in the day I would do SO many stroller walks with Milo, but that doesn’t happen often with baby D. I reveled in the moment!

Coffee + scone for me and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie for Baby D.

And Milo had the BEST morning with Grammy at Legoland!

I mean, look at this kid! Who’s winning at life now? Pizza, Cheetos, juice, Legoland, and a full morning of fun with his Grammy? Lucky boy.

My heart.

Haha. And one more picture of tacos because I snuck away many, many times to go check out taco restaurants in San Antonio. ^ El Pastor Es Mi Senor is easily in my top 3 San Antonio taco spots of all time.

Haha, I love this picture. He stole Dayton’s toy, he stole my sunglasses, and he looks SOOO tired. It’s clearly the end of the day here and we’re heading to go eat some dinner.

One last picture of Dayton and Nate before I sign off on part 1. I’ll share part 2 tomorrow! XO.

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