The 50/50 Mix Of Parenting…On Vacation

Currently in San Antonio on a little family getaway, and the reality of this blog post rings especially true on vacation. Haha.

It is both, y’all! Vacationing with toddlers is both magical and infuriating. It’s full of hilarious and adorable moments, like watching Milo hold out his arms in the swimming pool while he asks Dayton to jump to him. (“Dayton, ready go! Go, Dayton!” using the exact same words they use in his Emler lessons. My heart!)

Vacationing with kids is also full of the same things as usual like: low grade fevers that cause last-minute changes in plans. Fussy babies who throw their food on the floor. Bedtime exhaustion when all you want to do is change into comfy clothes and put your feet up.

Haha…I was telling my sister that I feel like 90% of my vacation is actually just transitions. Like, do we actually *do* anything, or do we just cart kids around from place, running back and forth from the pool to the hotel room to gather forgotten shoes and towels and swim diapers? Unknown.

It’s also full of adorable-ness. The sweet memories that you look back on? They often come from these vacations! We get so many moments and photos and videos that will live with us forever.

Anyway, just blogging in the moment here! I often share vacation recaps and I purposely only share the fun, sweet parts (because who wants to read about all the toddler meltdowns, really?). But if you’re on a vacation with little ones and you’re thinking “what am I doing wrong here?”, the answer is absolutely nothing. You’re doing great. It’s supposed to be this 50/50 mix of half good, half hard. That’s how it works. Hang on to those sweet moments, and during the hard ones, know that you’re doing amazing. Ok? XO. 


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