A Week In San Antonio, Part 2

Good morning! Here’s part 2 of our week in San Antonio. If you missed part 1, go back and read that one first.

Nate’s parents invited us to stay at their timeshare condo in SA for the week. Nate and I tag-teamed. Since it’s only a 90-minute drive from Austin, we were able to each take half of the week down in SA and half of the week getting some work done back in Austin, with a bit of overlap in the middle.

So this is part 2, which is when Nate was down there with the boys. He’s so good at taking lots of pictures, so here’s what I have from him:

Nate and his dad took the boys to Seaworld San Antonio!

^ Waiting for the whale show.

Cheetoes and Killer Whales.

Haha…Dayton living his best life with Cheetoes in his hair.

Nate said that Dayton loooooved the turtles!

And he also loved meeting Jenna the Penguin! Look at his little smile! Milo wasn’t such a big fan of seeing the animals in real life but Dayton just lit up.

They got a beautiful, sunny spring day in SA for Seaworld. Also, why are my children eating sooo many Cheetos in the pictures? Haha.

Everyone looks so exhausted here! The sign of a successful toddler outing, I’d say.

Seaworld was a huge hit.

Vacations = DONUTS! Dayton clearly knows exactly which one he wants.

“Pink. Pink donut for me.”


They also drove out to Boerne (about 30 minutes form San Antonio) to check out the town. Nate loves checking out any local breweries (duh), so they went to Cibolo Creek Brewing Co and Free Roam Brewing Co.

And the boys bopped around all day!

And that’s part 2 of our trip to San Antonio! I have a lot fewer details in the second half since we tag-teamed this trip, but I can tell you that I enjoyed 48 hours at home getting some work done in a perfectly clean and quiet house. I even went and did some CRAZY things like bought flowers and left them in a glass vase on the coffee table, lit a candle and also put it on the coffee table, and listened to music in the car that wasn’t Cocomelon or Daniel Tiger. It was bananas.

Ok, that was our fun little family getaway with Nate’s parents! Forever grateful they’re a part of our life here in Texas.

Xo Kelsey

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