Meet Our New Kitten!

She’s just too cute not to dedicate an entire blog post to her. 😉 Meet Storm! (But mostly called “Stormy-Cat.”)


We adopted her over the weekend, but we’ve been planning on this for a couple months.
Back in April, I took Nate out to Fixe for his birthday dinner where I told him I was getting him a KITTEN for his birthday! Nate talks about getting a cat every. single. day, so I figured a significant milestone birthday is a good excuse for us to go ahead and get one. (His birthday dinner was also when we found out that our offer to our new house was accepted; there was no shortage of stuff to talk about that night.)


Initially, we were thinking of going to Austin Pets Alive, the amazing pet adoption agency here in Austin. But around the same time, my sister took on a new batch of kittens. She (not so subtly….) started fostering right when I told her we were going to adopt….hmm, coincidence? I think not.

We got to meet all three of them when they were two weeks old, and we both fell in love with the same one: baby Storm. She was the cutest little snuggle bug out of the bunch! My sister sent us text updates for the first 10 weeks until Storm hit 32 oz and we could adopt her.


We drove up to the Dallas area where my sister lives to pick up our sweet little baby, then drove the 3.5 hours back to Austin the same day. Poor Storm was a little out of sorts for the first 12 hours or so. She was scared of coming close to us, but she was also scared of being alone. She spent her first 10 weeks of life with 3 other cats and a dog; our house must seem so quiet after that.


She’s settling in nicely now, though. She and Nate are soccer buddies and watch soccer together in the afternoon. Oh, and Nate has already bought SO MANY TOYS for her.. haha! Our living room is littered with cat toys everywhere. She likes to snuggle with us, play constantly, and she sleeps throuh the night with minimal yelping (I’m calling it that because her meow is more that a chicken screech than anything else) before she falls asleep.


She’s super cuddly, which made for the most distracting violin practice session of my life! She has also claimed one of our only two chairs in the living room (still waiting on our new couch to arrive) as “hers,” which we give to her gladly. #spoiled.
She’s our little love!


PS: I had a couple people ask, so here’s how she got her name: my sister always names her batches of foster kittens with themes. The last batch was cheeses: Brie, Cheddar, Gorgonzola, and Monterey Jack. This time she named them after weather: Storm, Gale, and Cyclone.



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6 years ago

Ahh she is SO cute! And I love her name. Hooray for another exciting change!

6 years ago

I’m not a cat person but OMG she is too cute!!!!!

Jessica @ Desserts With Benefits
6 years ago

OMG what an adorable little sweetie pie!!! <3
So happy for you guys!

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