Settling In + A Sneak Peek Of Our New House

Phew! Who else is happy it’s Friday?

This week has been exhausting in all the best ways. I’m so excited for a weekend with absolutely nothing on the agenda. Nada. I’m playing a symphony concert tonight, but Saturday and Sunday are going to be spent relaxing! I’m going to get some sleep, read a book, drink a beer, and just enjoy the laziness of summer.

We’re getting settled in to the new house! The king-size mattress came this week, so we’re no longer sleeping in the guest room. We decided to give Casper a try. They’re the brand that delivers their mattresses in compression bags, so our king-size mattress arrived on our doorstep in a tiny cardboard box. Casper has good customer reviews and their mattresses are really reasonably priced with a 100 day return policy, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try! I can’t say for sure if I like the mattress yet….it will probably take a few weeks to tell. Anyone else have a Casper mattress? Like it? Hate it? 

We’ve been in the house for exactly 5 days now, so everything is still a work in progress! Here are a few pics, though:

We won’t have a couch downstairs for another month, and there are still boxes all over the place…but a few stems of fresh hydrangeas make it feel much more polished in here. 

This is my violin teaching studio. I spend a lot of hours in here each week, so I’m excited about the natural light and high ceilings! 

The kitchen has a built-in bookshelf for cookbooks. This is already one of my favorite little corners of the house. 

A few things I’ve noticed about the new house:

  • We can walk everywhere! I love this aspect of the house; it’s one of the main reasons we moved! I can walk to coffee shops, wineries, restaurants, beer gardens…. I can’t wait for the fall months when the weather cools off and I can walk downtown to the farmers market. The only downside is that a lot of people park their cars parking on our street to walk to nearby restaurants, so it’s a tight squeeze to drive through.
  • Natural light is a mood booster. Light everywhere! I love working from home and not even having to turn the lights on for a good part of the day. I’ve noticed that I habitually turn on the lights even when I don’t need to, so I’m trying to focus on keeping them turned off unless it’s actually dark….which in the summer months isn’t until about 8:30 pm.
  • Our cookbooks are in the kitchen!! I can’t explain how happy this makes me. Our only bookshelf in the old house was in the upstairs office…the kitchen was too small for cookbooks. Now we have all our cookbooks displayed in a nook right by the kitchen. Note: Nate is really the cook in this family….I just do enough to get by. About 4 of these books are mine, and the rest are his.
  • I’m just really, really happy. We don’t have any huge projects for the house (thank goodness….), but we have lots of small tweaks. I know that everything will be decorated eventually; I want to take my time and invest in timeless pieces rather than rushing to buy cheap stuff just to fill it. But right now, I’m so thankful to get to share this place with my favorite person in the world.

Lord willing, this is the house Nate and I will be living in for a long time… I feel giddy thinking of all the holidays, parties, and gatherings with friends that will happen here. And hopefully (someday…), this is where we’ll raise kids! GAH. Life is full, life is rich. Thanks for stopping by today, friends!

Happy weekend!!





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6 years ago

Oh, everything looks so nice! I can’t believe how quickly you got unpacked. I really LOVE the natural lighting and that cookbook nook is just amazing!

6 years ago

Oh that natural light is so lovely! 🙂

6 years ago

I love your house!!!!

6 years ago

so cute!! I love that built in book shelf – so adorable!

6 years ago

LOVE the brightness and natural light of your house!!!

2 years ago

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