Moving Day!

Are you having a four-day weekend? Both Nate and I are working today, but we wish we had the day off! The past 3 days have been full of packing, hauling, unpacking, and organizing. I’m exhausted and wouldn’t mind a day of R&R by the pool. But that’s coming up soon… For now, we’re loving our new house!

You know that stage of moving, near the very end, when you just want to THROW EVERYTHING AWAY? Yeah, I’m there. I have a few boxes of odds-and-ends left, and I’m tempted to chuck it all.

But we’ve made a lot of progress. You can judge the progress of moving houses by the emptiness of it. Our new house isn’t fully furnished, and it’s definitely not decorated yet, but see that large horizontal surface that is nearly empty? Makes us proud. 😉

And we’re starting to get furniture! Our bed was delivered yesterday, and the mattress will (hopefully) arrive today. We went with the Dondra bed from CB2 for the master room, and we put our two queen beds in the upstairs guest rooms.

We still have another month or so until our couch is delivered, so the living room will consist of one chair and a coffee table for a while. So be it!

Nate and I moved because we wanted a house with an open floor plan with a bigger kitchen. Just like most families, we use the kitchen more than any other room in the house, and our old house had a tiny closet-sized kitchen. It was fine for one or two people, but it wasn’t what we wanted long term.

We just moved about a mile down the road, so we’re still in south Austin. I’m super pumped about our new location, because we can walk to a bunch of our favorite restaurants! Our goal is to use our cars less and try to walk, bike, or take the bus much more often now.

I’ll share more pictures as we get settled! I’m feeling incredibly grateful…not just for this house, but for the entire home purchasing experience that I went through with Nate. It was a lot to handle in our first three months of marriage, along with a honeymoon, losing and then buying a car, some job shuffling, and an office move.

Life has been packed lately, which I don’t mind. I’d rather stay super busy than be bored. That being said, I have some high hopes of at least of few lazy summer evenings of grilling in the back yard and sipping vino with friends!

Happy 4th of July, all! Wishing you the merriest time with family and friends.



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