Is Fabletics VIP Membership Worth It?

Is Fabletics worth it?

Y'All Know This...

…but I am not a clothing shopper. So it will come as no surprise to you that I hadn’t purchased new sports bras in about 6-7 years (covers eyes with hands) and desperately needed an upgrade in that department. 

I mean, it’s a bit embarrassing. But it also shows that I really, REALLY love buying things that I love and then not shopping again for a long time. 

Is Fabletics worth it?

I shared recently that I started lifting (and I’m having so much fun with it!) but I’ll also always love cardio classes and running. So I needed a combo of both high impact and low impact sports bras. 

Spoiler: sports bras aren’t cheap! I was clicking around on some brands that I love, like Vuori, Athlete, and Lululemon, and the standard price seems to be about $45-75 per bra. I set a $200 budget for myself for this little shopping spree, knowing it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to cute athleisure. So I was a bit bummed to see that I might be able to get 3 quality sports bras while staying under my $200 limit. 

Is Fabletics worth it?

So I kind of randomly had the idea to look at Fabletics. I get their instagram ads from time to time, but it’s not really a brand that’s been on my radar. I remember when they launched with Kate Hudson back in 2013, and they actually mailed me 2 sets when they opened their Austin store – they were cute outfits, but they styles weren’t exactly what I would have chosen for myself so I didn’t wear them very much. 

Anyway, I clicked around on their website and was kind of amazed at the prices! I mean, I think we’re all aware of their iconic “2 FOR $24 LEGGINGS!!!” deal because they advertise it everywhere. 

But the new VIP member offer of up to 80% off everything is bananas. 

I mean…y’all. Do you realize how many clothes you can purchase for $200 if you get 80% off retail price? I got SOOOO many new pieces!!!

Is Fabletics worth it?

How Does Fabletics Work?

If you’re new to this brand like I was, here’s how it works: 

It’s an athletic and lifestyle brand that’s made to fill a void in the market for high quality athletic wear at a very low price point.  

You can totally shop without being a VIP, but VIPs get major perks. So, new VIPs get that 2 for $24 deal for leggings or shorts (which is soooo cheap! I mean, way cheaper than 2 pairs of leggings at Target!) plus 80% everything on your first purchase. I MEAN!!!

VIP costs $49.95 each month for a member credit, which you can cash in for an outfit up to to $80. It’s a great deal if you like to regularly get new workout clothes. 

You can opt out of the $49.95 charge whenever you want. You just go to your member portal between the 1st and 5th of every month and click “skip the month.” 


Is Fabletics worth it?

Y’all, when I found out that new members get 80% off their entire purchase, but only for the first purchase, I decided to just go ahead an buy a bunch of stuff. I got 3 new pairs of shorts, 4 low impact sports bras, and 4 high impact sports bras for a total of $136!! I mean…what?? 11 new pieces of clothes for $136 comes out to 

Is Fabletics worth it?

I ended up getting $619 worth of new athletic clothes at Fabletics for just $136!! 

I’ve been wearing these clothes to the gym for the last month or so, and they’re wonderful! Everything feels very sturdy and high quality, and the fit is just so flattering. Here’s what I found at Fabletics that I love: 

Is Fabletics worth it?

Ok, for the shorts, I wanted a few pairs of these high-rise shorts that I can use for both lifting and stretching.

I kind of love that these high compression shorts are the thing to wear, because I’ve never loved wearing leggings to the gym (too hot!) and I don’t want to wear loose-fitting shorts when I’m lifting and stretching (because I don’t want to flash anyone, lol).

Fabletics has regular high rise shorts, but they also have these ultra high rise that I got. I’m 5’7 and so my torso is a bit too long for typical high rise shorts, and these are perfect! I haven’t found many brands that offer ULTRA high rise, so I was immediately sold on these.  

Is Fabletics worth it?

See?! 5’7 and they cover my entire belly button and lower belly area that’s a bit stretched out from those two precious boys that I grew and birthed. 🙂

These shorts are high compression and SO comfy! They feel all sturdy and tight and held together when I’m focusing on lifting in the gym. 

I bought the exact same pair of shorts in three colors: black, storm slate, and charcoal camo

Is Fabletics worth it?

I found FOUR high-impact sports bras that I absolutely love! I do a fair amount of running, and since I joined a gym I’ve been loving the HIIT classes that get my heart rate up really high. 

And like I mentioned, I hadn’t gotten new sports bras in a very, very long time. So I was glad to buy a bunch of them. 

Is Fabletics worth it?

^ Ahh, so pretty! This one is from the Khloe Kardashian edit (Fabletics does different drops with various celebrities from time to time, and Khloe’s had happened to drop right when I was shopping.)

I love the mint/lavender color and the feel of this one. I did not love the matching leggings to this set, so I opted just to get the top and then pair it with some shorts. 

Is Fabletics worth it?

^ I also grabbed this very simple, black one. It’s called the Trinity High Impact Sports Bra.

Is Fabletics worth it?

 I find myself reaching for it again and again. The racerback design is simple and classic.

Is Fabletics worth it?

And then I loved this design so much that I got it in two colors! 

Is Fabletics worth it?

It’s called the No-Bounce High Impact Sports Bra and I got it in “I Love Blue” and…

Is Fabletics worth it?

^ Classic Black. Because I’ve established that I will always reach for classic black workout gear in my closet, so I’d better buy a lot of it! 

Ok, so those are the three pairs of shorts and the four high-impact sports bras that I found at Fabletics that I absolutely loved. 

And I also wanted a handful of low impact sports bras. I use these ALL the time for things like lifting, yoga, barre, and stretching. I knew I wanted to buy a bunch of them, and I ended up getting 4 great ones! 

Is Fabletics worth it?

^ The three on the top are all the same style. I loved it, so I figured I should just buy it in three different colors! 

Is Fabletics worth it?

It’s called the All Day Every Day Low Impact Bra, and like I mentioned, I loved it so much that I bought it in three colors! This one ^ is classic white, and I also got merlot and sage green (which looks like maybe it was discontinued since I bought it last month?). 

Is Fabletics worth it?

You have the ability to wear it unclipped in the back for more of a low impact/comfy setting, or…

Is Fabletics worth it?

…you can clip it for a bit more support. Which I still find very, very comfy! This really is an “all day” sports bra. 

Is Fabletics worth it?

And then I also got the Oasis Twist, which is considered a medium-impact but I kind of think it feels lower impact than the All Day Every Day?

I actually ended up going into the Fabletics store to try on a few different styles in person, and the woman who was helping me said that this Oasis Twist is a cult classic at Fabletics. She said they sell this one like CRAZY! It’s very flattering and so comfy, and it comes in 17 different colors! I got it in merlot.

Phew, it feels so good to have re-stocked my dresser drawer full of fitness clothes. I think I’ve stocked up for a while and won’t have to worry about shopping for a bit. 

Haha, but for those of you who absolutely LOVE shopping for new fitness clothes, the VIP membership is an excellent bargain! Once you use your initial VIP deal of 80% off, you still get to use that member credit and get a new outfit every single month. $49.95 is a pretty good deal for a new pair of leggings + top, or a pair of shorts + bra, or whatever combo you want. (And if you don’t want it, you can just skip the month between the 1st and the 5th of the month and you won’t be charged, which is what I did after I bought all these clothes because I didn’t feel like I needed more stuff quite yet.) 

PS: my new journey into learning how to lift, and the world’s most flattering swimsuits.

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