Life Update: I’m Lifting Now!

life update: I'm lifting!

A funny little update, but this is my newest undertaking!

For years before I started going through pregnancy, I was a barre fanatic. I loved it! I went to the coziest studio on South Lamar and would build muscle through isometric exercises and lifting light weights. I noticed a huge change in my muscle density in those years! I loved the 6 am workouts and the comfy barre socks and the dark studio.

And then barre fizzled out for me once I gave birth to Milo. Of course, workouts during pregnancy aren’t a great time to really build, but I tried to maintain fitness with a bunch of walking and chasing toddlers around. But it’s just hard to get to a studio with two little ones at home.

Fast forward a few years, and I told my body that she was done with pregnancy and breastfeeding, I treated myself to a triathlon. Cardio and race environments are so fun for me! I think they always will be.

And here’s where I am now: I want to build some muscle! I mean, if we’re just talking about appearance, I looove the way that sculpted muscles look. So sexy! And practically speaking, I’m big on the idea of increasing my bone density and muscle density right now while I’m in my 30s. Because it’s easier now than it will ever be…

So I decided to join a gym and purchase a few months with a personal trainer. My #1 goal now that I’m a grownup and a mom: don’t get injured! Ha. I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to weight lifting, so I go into each session with plenty of questions to make sure my form is the best it can be. I mean, I lifted back when I was a high school and college swimmer, but it was just kind my coach saying, “here’s a machine and here’s how many reps to do – ready go.” I haven’t been given a lot of instructions on how to lift properly.

I’ve been experiencing major imposter syndrome! Ha. I go to the gym and have to use my app to watch the little videos to make sure I’m doing everything correctly. Every time I walk up to the power rack I half expect someone to come up to me and say, “excuse me ma’am, you’re doing this all wrong.”

But I’m learning! It’s fun to feel a little bit afraid and nervous and then work through those feelings. I also love being back in a gym – it’s been about 10 years since I was a member and gyms are very different now than they used to be. There’s so much more emphasis on mental health, stretching/recovery, and overall wellness. Yayyyy for progress in wellness.

Ok, that’s my little update. It’s just a fun thing I’ve been doing, so I wanted to share!

(PS: I have zero pictures of me at the gym because NOPE.)


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5 months ago

Love this so much! Lifting is my favorite form of exercise. Here’s to those gains!

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