Seeing the Austin Bats with My Toddler

Well, this night might be my favorite memory with Milo from summer 2022. I’ve been wanting to bring him to South Congress to see the bats forever, and when woom reached out and said they wanted to sponsor a post sharing how I’m shifting my routine as we transition toward back-to-school schedules, I knew a final summer hurrah with my toddler was just the thing. 

woom balance bike on South Congress

woom balance bike on South Congress

I told him earlier in the day that we were going on “ a special adventure” in the evening. Around 7:00, when Dayton went down for his normal bedtime, Milo got to stay up with me. I had the car loaded up with his woom balance bike, a helmet, and a bunch of water. He was so excited! 

toddler on south congress ave

woom balance bike on South Congress

We drove to SOCO and biked around for a bit. I say this all the time, but Milo is SO much fun right now. He’s 2.5 and just as chatty as can be. He always looks adorable, but there’s something about a teeny little toddler on a teeny little bike that makes my heart burst. 

woom balance bike on South Congress

woom balance bike on South Congress

woom balance bike Austin motel pool

Same same with everyone we passed. Nearly every person who walked by Milo commented on the absolutely adorable-ness of this tiny little bike.

woom balance bike on South Congress

woom balance bike on South Congress

woom balance bike on South Congress

Also, I was surprised with how many people already knew and recognized the woom brand! We heard lots of “my son has a woom bike!” or “woom bikes are the absolute best.” I mean, I’ve loved this company ever since I bought Milo’s first balance bike last year (even though he refused it for 4 months..), but it’s always nice to get some confirmation that the company you love is a beloved brand among other people, too…you know? 

Mommy/son ice cream date on South Congress

woom balance bike on South Congress

eating ice cream on south congress

We stopped for some ice cream (chocolate for him, mango for me), and after about 45 minutes of biking around, we went to the Congress bridge to see the bats. 

woom balance bike on South Congress

^ Aww! I love this picture because it shows how easily he can pick up that little balance bike. We have the woom 1. It’s the lightest balance bike on the market (6.6 pounds!) so he has full autonomy to move it wherever he wants…even up a flight of stairs.

woom balance bike on South Congress

Note: I’m actually amazed that he biked for 45 minutes! He usually goes about 10-15 before he requests to get in the stroller. But maybe something about being in a new environment (his first time biking on SOCO!) or the special treat of getting to stay up extra late with mommy made his energy levels rocket. Whatever it was, he biked all up and down SOCO and that road is a hill! 

the bats in Austin on congress bridge

The bats were awesome. I hadn’t seen them yet this summer, and it’s always so cool to me that we have millions of bats that live in the middle of our city. 

the bats in Austin 

seeing the bats in Austin

Milo thought they were awesome.
watching the bats on the congress bridge

It was such a simple evening, but I’ve been thinking about it all week. Milo keeps mentioning the bats, too! I love how a subtle shift in our routine was a huge memory in our mother-son friendship. Gosh, I love that little boy. 

I love you so much mural in Austin

These little bikes are a favorite in my family! I love that they’re designed for little ones (even the teeny hand break is adjustable to fit Milo’s toddler fingers perfectly), lightweight, sturdy, and made to last. They are so beautifully made. If you’re looking for some fun ways to mix up your routine as we shift into the back-to-school schedule, woom has restocked all of their sizes and they’re ready for same-day or next-day shipping.

I grew up going on neighborhood family bike rides, and I fully intend on bringing that into my own little family’s existence, too. It’s really fun to see those visualizations become a reality. Milo, I love watching you ride your woom bike!

PS: are woom bikes really worth it? and Milo’s first Austin FC game.

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Cara Craggett
Cara Craggett
5 days ago

The sweetest night ever!!

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