CapTex Tri 2023 Training: Week 1 Recap

I’m here to share that training has officially begun for the CapTex Trip 2023! Last week started the 16 week countdown, so I’m creating a training program and starting to think a bit more seriously about this race. I officially signed up for it a few weeks ago, and ooooh I’m excited. And nervous. Last year I did the sprint triathlon, and this year I’m committing to the olympic distance!

Wish me luck.

Let’s start here: I am in absolutely no way, shape, or form, claiming to be an authority figure or expert on triathlon training. Ha! I mean, I think that goes without saying? No one is going to look at a 32-year-old mom of two toddlers who is doing her first ever olympic-distance tri  and think she knows what the hell she’s talking about. But I’ll just go ahead an say it, loud and clear: I am 100% learning as I go here. 

Buuuut..I thought it could be fun to share some tidbits of my training process! After all, I’m totally in this for the journey, and 4 months of training is a long time. My younger sister Kylee is doing the race with me, so we’re constantly texting each other back and forth about our training. But it’s fun to share it here, too!

Triathlon Training: Week 1 Recap

What I did: 

3X peloton rides. A 20 minute tabata ride that KICKED MY BOOTY, and then two 45 minute power zone rides. More on that in a sec…  

2X outdoor runs. In the dark, cold, windy mornings. I don’t love running in February. 

2X strength workouts. I know you’re supposed to do strength workouts to supplement the cardio training, but mostly I just really love how I feel when I do strength workouts. I don’t think I’ll ever stop these! But I will say that it’s super hard right now for me to find time to squeeze in even an extra 10 minute strength class in the mornings… 

Something I loved from week 1

I’m still really loving these Peloton programs! Ha…how did I not know they existed until a couple months ago! 

I’m nearly finished with the “You Can Run Outdoors” 8-week program. It’s gentle and definitely beginner friendly. 

And even though I’ve run a marathon and a few half marathons, I kind of think of myself as a beginner runner right now…Except for a few training miles for last year’s sprint triathlon, I honestly have done NO running since 2018 (right before I got pregnant with Milo), so I’m kind of training my postpartum self to learn how to run again. 

I also just finished the “Build Your Power Zones” program on the Peloton bike. LOOOOOVED it. My ftp significantly improved! 

And then I tried going a few weeks with out a program…you know, just picking a random class all willy-nilly. It didn’t go awesome. 

Sooo, I’m back to a program again. I just started the “Peak Your Power Zones,” which is 8 weeks long and slightly more intense. My plan is to do those 8 weeks, and then start getting more serious about doing some outdoor cycling. (I hear this is an important thing to do if you’re doing a triathlon…)

Something I Hated From Week 1

I do not love running in the cold wind. 

I don’t even like it. But if I don’t run in the morning before the boys wake up, I don’t do it. So I put on the leggings and the layers and the headband and the gloves and just tough it out. 

I’m very excited for 55-60 degree mornings! That’s my perfect running temperature. 

Something I learned About Triathlon

I was talking to my sister on the phone, and she says, “apparently you’re not supposed to think of the three legs of triathlon as three separate sports?”

Ummm, excuse me? I 100% think of them this way. 

And then she says, “yeah, I was talking to mom” (*note: our mom does half ironman triathlons and has been in this sport for nearly two decades*) “and it’s kind of frowned upon. You’re supposed to think of it as one sport, but three legs.” 

So there you have it. I’m just confirming my lack-of-authority in this sport. I definitely mentally break it up into three completely different sports. I haven’t even started thinking about the transitions or brick workouts (<- which is when you train two of the sports legs back-to-back, like a swim immediately followed by a bike ride.) 

I’m learning so much. Ha! I’m feeling really good, and at 4 months out, it’s still far enough away that I don’t feel stressed or concerned about anything. I’m just enjoying the ride, trying to build my strength and stamina, and working on developing an official training plan. 

Aaaand I’m starting to think about getting back in the water. It’s so funny, but as a former college swimmer, that’s the leg that I’m least excited about training. I feel like I’ve already spent 1 million hours of my life doing swim workouts and I’m way more excited to train the cycling and running. 

Ok my friends, that’s what I’ve got for you today! 

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