A Summer Bedding Edit

SIJO Eucalyptus Sheet Review

Hello Summer Bedding!

I have tried so many different types of sheets in my life to find ones that I love. 

And I think I might have found my new favorite sheets. I got THESE insanely buttery soft cooling eucalyptus sheets recently, and I have been sleeping SO WELL on them. I mean, I’m not even typically an afternoon napper, but I literally set aside 45 minutes in my afternoon yesterday to nap while the boys were both napping…because I couldn’t wait to sleep on these sheets again. Ha! (Is that too weird to say out loud?)

In the past I’ve tried everything from craaazy  expensive sheets from a little boutique here in Austin all the way to the cheapest cheap sheets from Target or Costco. 

SIJO Eucalyptus Sheet Review

I’ve definitely splurged on sheets because I want my bed to be as comfortable as possible! After all, if we spend approximately 1/3 of our lives sleeping, bedding is a pretty good place to invest. 

So when I looked at the prices on these I was pleasantly surprised. They’re very reasonably priced for the quality, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them out. 

SIJO Eucalyptus Sheet Review

Friends, I LOVE my new sheets. They’re pretty fancy, with cooling properties and moisture control to help keep hot sleepers nice and cool throughout the night.

My thought? If you live in Texas, you need to have cooling sheets. No flannel or linen or cotton for me in the summer months. And a bonus is that the eucalyptus bedding line is made from a sustainable and biodegradable material. It’s the perfect way to elevate the sleep experience. 

SIJO Eucalyptus Sheet Review

I went with the COOLING EUCALYPTUS SHEETS in SNOW because I love a good classic white sheet look. Then I got the remarkably light and summery AiryWeight COOLING EUCALYPTUS COMFORTER and the AirWeight EUCALYPTUS DUVET COVER in FOG. The duvet cover is made from the same material as the sheets, so it has the cooling properties. And I can’t even explain how insanely buttery soft and cloud-like this cover is! I want you all to experience sleeping under this thing because it is legitimacy like falling into a cloud at night. 

And one bonus add-on, that I didn’t know I needed but I’m SO glad I got is this scrumptious BAMBOO BED BLANKET. Again, I think it’s the perfect blanket for Texas dwellers because it’s somehow the perfect mixture of cozy while also being cool. It’s lightweight, but the waffle weave makes it feel all snuggly and cozy…minus the stuffy, sweaty feeling. This thing is super light and soft and wonderful. 

SIJO Eucalyptus Sheet Review

My new eucalyptus sheets actually help keep me cool while you sleep! They feature moisture control, cooling properties, and they’re made from biodegradable, sustainable, antimicrobial materials. 

Plus they’re buttery soft and feel like heaven. 

And that’s my little summer bedding edit that I wanted to share with you! I went to go order another set of these sheets for my guest bed and saw that they’re doing a 20% OFF SALE FOR THE 4TH OF JULY! If you need a new set of lovely summer sheets for your bed, right now is a good time to snag these and save some money. 

SIJO Eucalyptus Sheet Review

What are you up to this weekend of r the 4th of July? We’ll be hanging out with our neighbors, enjoying some BBQ, and watching fireworks with our little ones! Last year Dayton was too little to stay awake for the fireworks, so I’m curious how he’ll do with them this year. 

Have a fantastic day! 

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