Austin FC Game Double Date!

Hello hello! I’m back after a week (a WONDERFUL week, I might add…) in Glacier National Park with my sisters, niece, and aunt. I had the most relaxing, rejuvenating time unplugging from online world and stepping into nature. Y’all, it was coooold there! My Austin winter gear barely sufficed, haha. Anyway, I’ll share a recap of that trip in the very near future.

For today, I wanted to stop by and say hi (I always miss blogging when I’m away from it!) and share a few tidbits from my weekend.

Earlier this year, my sister Cara told me that she really wanted to make sure she came down to Austin at some point this summer to go to an Austin FC game with me. Nate and I have had our season tickets for 3 years now, and we occasionally take turns using the pair of seats to bring a friend with us to the game (and then the other spouse stays home in place of a babysitter on that night.) Well, I had somehow never brought Cara as my +1 to a soccer game, so we found a date on the calendar for a summer game and she and her boyfriend drove down from Dallas to spend the weekend with us. Nate got an extra pair of tickets in the front row so all 4 of us could go to the game.

Haha! I had to throw in this pic to start. How ridiculous is this, y’all? See aaaall that beer on our kitchen counter? It’s from their recent trip to California. I mean…talk about a haul. We sipped and tasted California beers all weekend.

We booked a sitter and the four of us headed out for a bit of pre-gaming! First stop: Fairweather Cider + Spicy Boys food truck.

Dang they’re cute. 😉

Nate and I came to Fairweather before an Austin FC game earlier this season, and they had all the doors wide open for an indoor/outdoor feel. But not on this day. It was about 101 degrees and humid. Basically hell on earth, haha. We enjoyed that cold, dark taproom with our ciders.

Legit one of my top 3 favorite food trucks in the entire city of Austin. I love ya, Spicy Boys.

We enjoyed our food and our drinks for a while, and then we went across the street to…

Oskar Blues! Aww! I have some memories of going to their original location in Longmont years before this Austin location ever opened.

Cheers to beers! Nate went with their Dale’s Pale Ale and I had the light version of that beer.

And then we went to our third brewery stop of the afternoon…

Hopsquad! This place is consistently one of the most crowded breweries near the stadium, and that’s because it’s literally right across the street from Q2. But it makes a great last-minute stop for a few pints before kickoff.

I am so, so happy to have this girl in my life.

The four of us walked across the street to the stadium just in time to grab concessions and find our seats.

Haha! Look who happened to be in the seats right in front of us? Hi Caitlin and Monique!

It was a great game…FINALLY a win!!!

We ended up switching seats half way through the game so everyone could get the front row seats at one point. It was my first time sitting that close, and it was a totally different experience. So fun.

And that was my weekend! We had so much fun. Honestly, I’m still kind of getting my act together this week after being out of town for the last 7 days, so I’m going to get all my ducks in a row today and I’ll be back tomorrow to chat with you about my Glacier trip! Xx.

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Cara Craggett
Cara Craggett
1 year ago

The best weekend ever!!!

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