Friday Five {6/16/23}

Oh hi! It’s Friday before a long weekend. Are you doing anything fun? We’re going to celebrate Father’s Day by going to a brewery that Nate and I have had on our bucket list for a while, and then on Juneteenth I’ll actually be somewhere really fun for summer vacation. I love both of the holidays coming up this weekend. Both so, so very special. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, hope it’s a fun weekend! Here are five little things for your Friday:  

1. A New Kitchen Item

Did you see when I shared this fun new kitchen dish on instagram this week? 

I LOVE my Anyday dishes (ok, ok, technically they’re Nate’s because I gifted them to him, but since then he’s bought a few too, and now they’re just “ours.”) 

I seriously cook in these microwaveable dishes nearly every day!  

They are a game changer for easy meal prep, cooking single items (like sweet potatoes, a chicken breast, some asparagus, or quinoa), and even full dinners for super quick cleanup. 

I just throw the entire thing in the microwave! 

If you’re looking for a creative gift idea for someone heading off to college in the fall, or you just want to simplify your own cooking routine, I can’t recommend these enough. 

And now their extra large dish is available! Excellent for larger families. 🙂 

2. Living In These Shorts

My sister was wearing a pair of pink athletic shorts while she was spectating the triathlon the other week, and they were so cute and high-waisted and looked comfy! 

I asked her for a link and immediately bought a pair. And then bought another pair in a brighter color. 

They’re less than $30 and come in like 27 COLORS! I love them.

(Also, I will always listen to my sister when it comes to good clothing finds. She knows.) 

THESE SHORTS ARE SO GOOD!! I have a pretty long torso so most “high waisted” things aren’t high enough for me, but these are ACTUALLY high waisted.  

They have a single zip-up pocket that’s big enough to fit my phone.

And they’re just a tad longer in the back than they are in the front. 

Easiest thing to just throw these one + a cropped tee or tank and I’m ready to chase around my two sweaty little baby boys all day! These shorts are a part of my summer uniform. 

3. Kid-Friendly Restaurants in SA

I just published a guide to kid-friendly restaurants in San Antonio. It’s perfect for you if you enjoy eating really good food and exploring a city’s culinary scene…but you also want to keep the kids happy. Here it is if you’re heading to SA anytime soon! 

I really love exploring this city, and I’m starting to get a good feel for it! I am SO excited to plan more adventures there with my own two little boys.

We’ve done so many of the Austin things lately, but they haven’t seen as much of San Antonio. It’s an amazing city

4. Shopping With Milo

I have an outdoorsy-type of trip coming up next week, so I brought Milo with me to REI so I could buy a few things. 

Let’s just say he kept EVERYONE in the store entertained…haha! 

5. Summer Bedding

A very random thing, but have y’all heard of Sijo? I keep seeing their cooling eucalyptus sheets all over the social medias, and since it’s going to be 105 (UGHHHH) in Austin next week, I ordered a set to try out.

They’re a pretty reasonable price point, so I figured it can’t hurt to give them a try. (They look so soft and cool and comfy!)

I’ll let you know if they help me get through this Texas summer. Haha.  

Y’all I’m off to a very exciting place for summer vacation next week! After years and years of blogging, I’ve learned to just completely sign off and disconnect when I’m on vacation, so I’m going to take the week off of blogging next week and I’ll talk to you back here on June 26. 

Hope you have a fantastic day today! Xx. 

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