My Life Lately (Vol 14)

Happy Thursday, friends! I’ve had a week of solo parenting while Nate is away on a work trip. That means lots of bedtime and morning snuggles with my little ones (and fewer morning workouts this week.) We miss ya, Nate! Here’s a peek at what’s been going on in my life lately…

So you know how I have a San Antonio travel site? Well, I’m in San Antonio all the time checking out restaurants, museums, parks, hikes, activities, and other fun stuff. I’ve been down there from Austin countless times, and I had never eaten at the most famous restaurant on the Riverwalk…

…and it was just as horrible as I thought it would be. Haha. It further drills down the point that there’s no good Tex Mex on the San Antonio Riverwalk. 

However, I have found some absolutely incredible San Antonio museums. The Holocaust museum in particular was moving. ^ (Here’s my guide to all the best SA museums + free days!)

I’ve also been scoping out some great hiking spots in SA! Comanche Lookout Park was very cool. The belief is that Comanche Native Americans used this point ^ hundreds of years ago as a lookout point because it’s the 4th highest point in San Antonio.

So random, but the other day when I was on SOCO I walked past Big Top Candy Store and realized I’ve never brought my little ones inside.

I’m adding that to my summer bucket list. How cute would it be to bring them in there and let them each pick out a piece of nostalgic candy?

Milo’s pure excitement when he found out the TJ’s has kid-sized shopping carts. I told him he could pick out one special treat on our shopping adventure and he chose those sour cream donuts.

^ Yay, a brand new brewery in San Antonio! Breakaway Brewing is cycle-themed. The interior is beautifully designed, and the beers are excellent!


I don’t hate the Riverwalk. 🙂 It really has some lovely spots, if you know where to look!

One more gorgeous San Antonio museum I visited recently. The McNay is honestly one of the most beautiful art museums I’ve ever seen. It’s in a historic 1929 mansion + a modern wing, and the grounds feel like you’re visiting an arboretum! 10/10 worth a few hours of your time to stop by this one.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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