Nate’s Cooking

On Sunday night, Nate decided to cook a special meal at home. He had a few beautiful cuts of meat waiting in the freezer (a birthday gift from his firm!) and decided to cook a pork tenderloin.

Nate's Cooking

Nate’s incredibly detail-oriented in his hobby of cooking. And lucky me…I’m the recipient of all this good food! First he grilled the corn corn (still inside the corn husk) and tomatoes outside on the grill,  and then he took off the corn husk and wrapped the pork inside it. Then he sous vide the pork inside the grilled husk to transfer some of that grilled flavor.

He finished off the exterior of the pork with a handheld torch. UM YES. I looked outside on the back patio and it looked like he was doing some sort of mad science experiment.

I asked him why he did it that way instead of on the grill, and his response was “better control and accuracy in the exterior texture.” There you have it.

All of that was paired with Carolina Gold rice grits with a big slab of melty butter on top. Delicious.

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