Friday Five {6/9/23}

turkey sandwich at Tiny Grocer

I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that we’re in JUNE already. This year is nearly halfway over, and we’re officially in my favorite season: summer. 

I know that summer could fly by if I let it, so I’m practicing more mindfulness in my life this summer. Part of that involves keeping my phone down in the evening hours. (Whyyyy is it so hard?) Whether I’m enjoying wine on the back patio, heading to the swimming pool with my boys, or binging a Apple TV+ show with Nate, I know that I get more out of each moment and make more potent memories when my phone is down. 

Here are 5 little sparks of joy for today!

1. A Free Austin Activity For Kids

If you haven’t been yet, be sure to pencil in a morning to go to the Austin Nature and Science Center.

Austin Nature and Science Center

It’s smack in the middle of Austin near Zilker Park and it’s totally free (!!!) to enter and requires zero reservations. 

I love the sand pit where children can dig for dinosaur bones, and the sound of running water from the waterfall over the lily pond. 

Quick note: don’t be like me and forget a change of clothes for the kids! Haha. Dayton got sooooo muddy and wet from splashing in the water and I had no extra clothes on hand.

2. An Austin Lunch Idea

I forgot how much I love this little place on SOCO! I stopped by Tiny Grocer for a sandwich the other day. The pre-made salads are so fresh and tasty (get the Brussels sprout salad!) and the sandwiches are made-to-order and are absolutely delicious. 

turkey sandwich at Tiny Grocer

The deli is tucked inside the grocery store. It’s a teeny stand at the back of the store.

While you’re waiting for your sandwich order, you can browse for a beverage, some wine and cheese to bring home, or some  fun pantry staples you need for you kitchen. 

3. Summer fun!

We get hours and hours of enjoyment from our simple little backyard water table

Dayton and I were out there one morning and he played in the shady, cool morning for about 30 minutes while I read a book! Bliss!

His favorite water table activity is filling a cup and using it to water the grass or plants. (Sorry, over-water container garden.)  

If you need one of this summer, this one has been good to us for a few years now. 

4. $50 Off Woom Bikes

Ahhh did you see this?!

You all know how much I love these balance bikes for my boys! I totally get that they’re investment pieces (aka not cheap little flimsy amazon finds that will fall apart in a year.)

woom balance bike

So any time I can find a way to help you save money on a woom I’ll do my best to share! 

There are 2 days left in their Woom X Strava Pedal Your Planet Challenge. Just bike 120 minutes and they’ll send you a $50 off voucher! Definitely worth it.  

5. More summer stuff

It’s soooo very un-interesting, but I also love these days and kind of want to remember every detail. 

Cheers to the weekend up ahead! Hope you practice some self love and enjoy a few minutes to yourself. Xx.

PS: My Vegas trip recap (read part 1 and part 2) and 7 ways to prioritize self care

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