A Typical Summer Morning With My boys

Hi friends! I wanted to share a little inside look at a typical summer morning over here. 🙂

I (obviously) work, and based on the type of career that I have, I’m completely flexible on how much time I choose to put into work every week. I mean, I’m a bit of a type-A sort of person and I loooove the hustle and grind, so it’s a lot easier for me to work a lot of hours than it is for me to relax. But I definitely also have the ability to relax during certain parts of the year and say no to certain requests and projects so that I can just live in the moment with my boys.

That being said…this summer I’ve made a few adjustments so I can spend some lazy summer days with my little ones. Ages 1 and 3 are so sweet!

Here’s a look at a summer morning for us. These days are monotonous, magical, boring, memorable, infuriating, exciting…basically just a day-in-the-life of being a parent.

5:45 am: Nate and I alternate days on who gets up with the boys, and this was my day! I woke up, did a 10 minute meditation on the back patio, made my coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, got dressed, and then…

6:45 am: Milo is up!

^ He was telling me a joke in this photo. I don’t remember the details of the joke, but I can tell you it was veeeeerry funny.

^ Blurry, but that’s what I get when I’m trying to play with him and take pics at the same time! He wanted to organize the playroom before Dayton woke up.

These are the important things we do before 7 am..haha.

^ Showing me the poster he made for spectating the CapTex Triathlon last week. “Mommy, do you like it?”

“This poster says, “TO MILO.” I’m going to write “TO MOMMY. TO MOMMY KELSEY.” See these letters mommy? That’s your name.”

7:30 am: aaaaand Dayton is up!

Insert: breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, a whole bunch of other nonsense.

The boys wanted to ride their bikes for a few minutes before we loaded up in the car. I love a morning bike ride!

It’s honestly the only time of day in the Texas summers that it feels great to be outside (until about 7 pm) so I always try to soak it up. A little sunshine is a great start to my day.

Hello, dentist office!

Milo: “I’m going to show Dayton how to do this circle thing.”

It was a bit trickier than he anticipated so we just opted for a photo like ^ this instead.

Baby D was just confused by the whole situation.

Our turn to see the dentist! Milo went first so he could show his little brother how to do it.

Side note: our pediatric dental office has TVs on the ceiling, which is just soooo genius. Milo watched Cocomelon during the cleaning and did a great job.

Dayton was a little less enthusiastic about the whole situation and so I had to sit on the dentist chair with Dayton on my lap.

(Haha…those 10 minutes of laying down at the dentist with Dayton on my lap were the 10 most relaxing minutes of my day! I will GLADLY snuggle that baby at any time…because it’s pretty rare that he’ll sit still for that long!)

At the end of the dental appointment Grammy came by the dentist office to pick up Milo! She wanted to take him on a special date, just the two of them.

They went to Zilker Botanical Gardens to see the special fairy exhibit.

Meanwhile, Dayton and I headed to the park for a bit.

Hi my little love!

Ok, I packed a lunchable on this day. I’ve never purchased lunchables for my kids, but I remember getting them when I was young as a special treat (OH MY GOSH, the excitement when my mom told me and my sisters, “ok, go pick out a lunchable!”) and one day at HEB a wave of nostalgia hit me when I saw them and I bought one.

A few things:

  1. Why are they only $1.77? This terrifies me a bit.
  2. The circles of deli meat are soooo round. Too round.
  3. The crackers aren’t real Ritz crackers. They’re some sort of weird knock off version and they taste like cardboard.

Dayton chose to eat it by picking up one food item at a time (cheese first, them ham, then crackers), holding the entire stack of 5 slices of cheese, and biting down through all 5 at once. Then he repeated. He saved the cookies for last.

And then we found a lemonade stand that was raising money for Foster Village! So of course we had to buy some goodies. I absolutely love this organization. My sister does, too…she’s on the board of directors for their Dallas chapter!

I mean, not that we need an excuse to eat cupcakes…but it’s always nice when there’s a good cause behind them. 😉

And then we drove home and met up with Grammy and Milo! Dayton was down for his afternoon nap at 12:30 and I snuck into my office to get a bit of work done.

And that’s a pretty normal summer morning around here.


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